Sex After Birth Process – Why you deny it?

by manthananam.erem
sex after birth process

How long it will take to wait for sex after the birth process?

It’s a common question every new mom wants to know about having sex after the birth process and how it feels like? You know our pregnancy and baby birth brings many changes to our postpartum body as well as our sexual life!

Now what! The very thoughts of having postpartum sex can be exhausting for new moms. There are many reasons like mom blues, postpartum depression, sleep deprivation, postpartum bleeding, and many weird changes that happened with the postpartum body.

You’re busy with breastfeeding and taking care of your newborn. So, it’s obvious that you feel “touch me not” after tiring too much of the day.

What is there the right time for sex after childbirth or how long it will take to enjoy sex again after a baby? Mostly, doctors advise waiting at least 2 months if you had an episiotomy delivery. Another reason is the Lochia (postpartum heavy bleeding) that is stopped after by then. That is sufficient time to stop lochia and also heal your vaginal stitches. Now You better understand how soon can you have sex after having a baby?

You can enjoy a sitz bath to heal your body pain aches because it relaxes your underbody parts after vaginal birth.

Postpartum sex you may not feel good at first!

sex after birth process

Some women who undergo C-section deliveries may feel pain while having sex after birth even if they wait for six to eight weeks of postpartum. Few women who face breastfeeding pain and discomfort deny having postpartum sex. Episiotomy also is the main factor that many women deny sex after the birth process.

What are the reasons delivery affects sex

Every woman feels different experience having sexual problems in the first months after vaginal birth. Below are the most common problems with sex after delivery are:-

  • vaginal dryness
  • loss of elasticity in vaginal tissue because of episiotomy
  • postpartum bleedingĀ 
  • vaginal’s thin tissue

The main reason why you don’t want sex after delivery

  • Sleep Deprivation

The first of not liking postpartum sex is lack of sleep. All the day new mom is busy with breastfeeding or changing diapers of her newborn. Baby demands for nursing every hour of the day. Breastfeeding does not allow mom to take proper sleep.

At the same time, nursing releases oxytocin, a good hormone that triggers good feelings for a newborn but denies your libido, says Dr. Brooth. It is the only way to keep your sex desire low. And your body preventing not getting pregnant again!

  • Your Vaginal changes after the birth process

It depends on your age and how many deliveries you had. If you have an episiotomy or vaginal stitches. It’s very hard to start sex again. Because a cut on the vaginal to enlarge the opening for baby may find sex painful. Even C-section moms are also affected because pregnancy hormones widen the pelvic rim. This is the reason-mom who loses her baby weight. may still not fit back into her trousers for months.

  • Stress and anxiety of having sex after the birth process

Many women are facing anxiety and stress of postpartum difficulties. Even they don’t like to talk about sex and intimacy for months. So, better to wait for normalizing everything. Sex topics irritate women and cause anxiety.

  • Hormonal Changes causes sex after the birth process

After baby birth, your body hormones need to readjust to its pre-pregnancy state. Hence this leads to low sexual desire and intimacy.

Your motherhood journey starts with baby and your relationship with your hubby may change too. As a new dad, he also has many responsibilities. And it’ll take time to maintain balance within the relationship and family. After all, a new member is added up in your life who’s pretty demanding all the time.

You both must avoid these newborn baby sleep mistakes commonly made by new parents! Here is the ultimate breastfeeding guide for new moms to ease their breastfeeding problems.

During this transition period, your sex desire is not to match with your partner’s desire. But it’s ok. You must talk openly with your partner how you’re feeling after baby birth and what do you expect from him? This makes life more comfortable and less confusing.

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Vaginal delivery may injure your pelvic floor muscles. Potentially this condition called pelvic organ prolapse. This group of muscles, ligaments, and tissues did hard work to support your uterus, bladder, and rectum during labor and birth.

With vaginal tearing these muscles become weak, your uterus bulging down towards your vaginal. So, Let these muscles to take sufficient rest and readjust with your body. In this condition, many women don’t find sex interesting.

When should you see a doctor for issues with sex after delivery?

As a human being your sex desire also come back after baby birth. And you want sex life on track. It’s the best time to talk to your doctor about the new challenges of having sex after childbirth.

The six-week checkup after having a baby is a moderate time. But there is no time limit set to visit a doctor for when your vaginal, breasts and sexual desire become normal. It’s a routine checkup associated with resuming your sex life again. You have to wait until you are not feeling comfortable with sex after childbirth.


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