17 Pregnancy Lifesaver which can ease your early Pregnancy Problems

by manthananam.erem

The best moments to know that you’re going to be a mother, you feel with joy and excitement. Maybe this joy wears off after a few weeks because the first trimester is going to kick into full swing. Trust me, early pregnancy can be an exciting, emotional and exhausting time! But to make it safe, do remember this 17 early pregnancy lifesaver.

It is not an easy task to grow a living one inside you. Of course, there are so many things to look forward but also many mentally and physically challenges are there to face in your first trimester, as the first trimester can be a brutal introduction.

About Early Pregnancy

From the excitement of pregnancy to the worries of pregnancy, we may end up with morning, afternoon and night sickness. Along with it, tiredness will make you feel that you’re struggling hard to get your loving one.

Already I have told you that the pregnancy is not as easy as you think but it is full of highs and lows. Many of us need good support to help ourselves wind through the emotional chaos of pregnancy.

That is why I’m sharing my experience which will help you survive the best of your ability. Here are the 17 Pregnancy Lifesaver which can ease your early Pregnancy Problems!

17 Pregnancy Lifesaver which can ease your early Pregnancy Problems!

Pregnancy Lifesaver



Coconut with jasmine

Coconut is a fruit with millions of beneficial properties to keep on hand when you’re pregnant. It’s lifesaver water containing potassium which can keep you hydrate and loaded with electrolytes.

Coconut oil can boost you as well as your baby’s immune system and give your pregnancy a happier and healthier glow.

2. Ginger Altoids

In early pregnancy, many pregnant women experience morning sickness. Ginger is the best way to cope with morning sickness. Buying GINGER-FLAVOURED ALTOIDS is the best advice I have given as a pregnancy lifesaver.

So, keep Altoids always with you in your car, in your purse, near your nightstand, in your desk, on your coffee table everywhere where you’re wandering in your home. Ginger Altoids can save you when you’re at work, out with your friends or on a location where you can’t brush your teeth.

3. About your dresses

In the first days of pregnancy, your clothes will still fit just like they always have. But after a few weeks or months when your pregnancy on down the road, You will realize that your body will start changing.

Now, you have a small bump and you might not want the pressure of tight clothes on your body as they simply won’t fit as usual. So, now it is time to shop for a few maternity items in advance.

Advance shopping for clothes makes you comfortable if your old attires are not enough to fit for you. So, you have to buy a few larger sweaters, pants, slouchy tops to fill your wardrobe.

DON’t waste any money on maternity jeans. AIN’T NO MOM JEANS for how to style in your first phase of pregnancy is an excellent pregnancy lifesaver.

In this way, you’re not panic when the first changes begin to show up as you have few things on hand.

4. Buy a Bellaband

In your first trimester, you don’t have grown a belly. But at some points, you want to unbutton your pants. At that point Bellaband lets you keep your current jeans and also keeping you comfortable while you wearing them.

5. Keep yourself hydrated

It is very difficult to cope with morning sickness which leaves your mouth tasting gross in the first trimester. You’ll get tired and sick of hearing people who tell you to drink a lot of water.

You might really feel it difficult to get excited about H2o for nine months straight.

So, try more milk to level up your calcium intake and cutting down on sugar by mixing your favorite fruit juices with sparkling water.

Drinking water with mixing up juices can help you to flush the hormones of stress from your body system. Water will help your skin look glowing and your body feels better and your pregnancy also goes better.

6. Body pillow

When your pregnancy goes deeper, you have a growing bump right there and creating a wedge between you and a good night’s sleep. It’s really a great idea to purchase a body pillow which is actually designed to ease the discomforts of pregnancy and help you to cradle you off to dreamland.

As your baby bump grows, you will notice that sound sleep is totally impossible. There is no comfort posture to lay down and you want more and more sleep. So, investing in body pillow in pregnancy is worthwhile.

Remember, your sleep is more important than the cost of the COMFORT-U Maternity pillow which helps you get better sleep. 

It can take up more than half of your bed, though your spouse will not be happy about the idea of the pillow. 

You can simply get comfortable by putting it under your belly and sometimes between your knees. It’ll help you get a good sleep at night. 

7. Massages

During pregnancy, you can feel tired and body aches all day. Pregnancy itself gives you a reason to indulge and pamper yourself. You know the hard work of labor and raising a child is a very difficult task.

Definitely, you first talk to your doctor and take his advice about safe massages and find a prenatal massage therapist who will help you cope up with the pains and aches of your pregnant body.

You can ask your prenatal massager to work on your feet the entire time. It’ll help you feel much better after massages.

8. Always be prepared to barf

In your first trimester, it is common to barf. But if you’re visiting outside and you’re going to be queasy than it is safe to keep The BARF Boutique with you all the time. These are sealable, waterproof bags available in five colors.

9. Sensible Shoes

Pregnancy would never allow you to try out spiked heels. High heels are risky as you have a growing baby inside you and high heels may cause difficulties.

So, it is a good decision to buy comfy shoes with a large number. These comfy shoes will give good support to your feet and are an excellent pregnancy lifesaver.

10. Get the Baby Bargains Book

Your pregnancy will cause your mind to think a lot during the early stage. There are so many decisions and options for baby gear that you never thought existed. BABY BARGAIN will help you to identify all the gear and help you to save your hard-earned money a lot.

11. Nursing Bras

Now that you’ve come to know that pregnancy is not an easy task. Your whole body is changing as your pregnancy go ahead. Your boobs might also feel sore and achy even in the first trimester.

You can apply coconut oil on your sore nipples. But it is a good idea to think about shopping for some comfy maternity Bras. MANY NURSING STYLES are designed for pregnancy. These bras offer extra support for mothers-to-be. These bras are a cute pregnancy lifesaver.

12. Grocery indoor

It is not simple to get out and go grocery shopping during pregnancy. You may be too tired or too sick to leave the house. But, food is obviously a necessity. So, you can choose a grocery service like Yourgrocer.com.

This act can give you a better grocery service on the door and you don’t have to bother yourself with the unwanted outing. You can comfy yourself by not lifting heavy bags in and out of the car anyway. So, it’s the must pregnancy lifesaver option. 

13. An Exercise Ball 

An exercise ball can help to lift your weight and you can work on your lower back pain at home with the help of birthing balls.

During pregnancy, some women feel hard to sit on the chair for a long time because of the lower back pain. Good quality non-bursting birthing balls allow you to try some different positions. So, keeping an exercise ball with you is an excellent pregnancy lifesaver.

14. Walking

Being pregnant means welcoming many strange problems to the body. You might complain about pain and restless legs?

The only thing to deal with this problem is staying active and walking. It can wear the legs out which can obtain a peaceful and sound sleep. but don’t forget to carry a pregnancy lifesaver water bottle with you while walking.

15. Crackers

Always keep a packet of crackers with you. As many pregnant women want to eat something before they get out in the morning and between meals. These crackers feel less sick during the pregnancy.

For most pregnant women food craving is common. So, crackers are the best option to satisfy a little hunger and a good pregnancy lifesaver.

Manicures? Nah! Don’t give up on them.

Pregnancy brings the best out of you so try to keep calm. Everything these days seem hectic let alone the medicine cabinet, nail salon, spa, and refrigerator also. There are products that go hand in hand with pregnancy i.e., causing no side effects or worries related.

One such product is “Zoya Pregnancy-safe nail polish.” Yes, ladies! You hear me right, we can make your fingers look good just yet.

16. Pregnancy books and websites 

Now to know all that you can about pregnancy is a safe play and choosing just the right books and websites make your pregnancy life is more comfortable. With information comes discoveries, some entertaining some bewildering, don’t panic! It is all normal.

I might add the urge we get to buy all books present on the globe humanly possible but over-doing has its way of stressing things even more. Be modest with this, one right or few books will be a lifesaver during pregnancy.

17. Calm advice

With pregnancy comes unknown blessings, unknown care and, of all, unknown advice. We cannot ignore the fact that you were stopped by a stranger (the known person will do too) and were given blessings and free advice.

No matter how strange it might seem, good, calm advice calms your “Oh so scared mind” in a second. This one is the must lifesaver advice.

Don’t forget to pass a modest smile and a genuine nod to our lifesaver here.


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