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Congrats, being a new parent! You had finished your hard part of giving birth to your baby. Finally, you’re officially parents. Now What? Your parenting journey is going to start! You know the joy of parenting comes with great responsibilities & duties if you want to make your life easier and comfortable than why you shouldn’t split parental duties 50/50.

The very first responsibility is changing a lot of diapers. According to a survey, 95 percent of new mothers claimed to do more diaper changing jobs than their significant other, while 70% of dads agreed that they did.

but, in the same survey, 80% of new moms said they only change dirty diapers than their significant other. And only 43% of men committed the same. Don’t you think it is wrong! don’t they?

Actually. When it comes to a satisfactory relationship, happiness, intimacy, there must be a clear understanding of who does what?


How To Split Parental Duties

Dads you can shoulder some – ideally half – of the parenting workload. I know as a new dad you also want to keep your newborn close by you all the time. You love to watch him, always want to give him a fatherly touch. Isn’t?

So, carve out time to do things together as a family, its nice for each parent to get one-on-one time with their child. Because you’re going to busier than you’ve ever been in your whole life.

Like- if one is bonding, or changing a diaper, the other can be doing things like showering, sleeping or eating a meal that’s not scored by Itsy Bitsy or interrupted by screaming of a baby.

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Conflict in Parental Duties is Inevitable

Parental duties

The happiest moment of our life – the birth of our child. The childbirth works like strong bonding between you and spouse and it saves your relationship from crumbling.

But after childbirth, you both have a lot of work to do and maybe less money to do it with and are total zombies because of sleep deprivation. Simply just put, couples with infants are rarely avoided conflicts about the division of work.

As a new parent, it’s totally impossible for you both – getting any sleep, even a short nap and on the other hand, you’ll be panic because of too much laundry, cleaning the house, too many dirty utensils, lots of bottles which need to be sterilized and mess and mess everywhere!

Poops Job:-

You know your little monster poop a lot. Poop smell, poopy diapers wrapped with green, yellow, brown, sticky, liquid poops!

What to do with these poopy diapers! dad and mom both are tired! little monster never gives them time even to poop and pee! He wants to suck his mother’s boobs all day!  How could she gets time to clean all the mess!

Then only one person is there who can help her to complete these tough tasks? You better know who’s he! dad, he’s only You! I know you want to support your spouse and want to make her feel happy and satisfied.

Not only you Mostly, new parents have struggled with the same challenges, but if you both armed and will help each other, definitely you must conquer the parental duties.

Both of you doing too much

Parental duties

All peoples have their own perspective and thus they don’t believe anyone else could possibly be working as hard as they are.

when couples reach their office, everyone – men and women alike – believes they’re doing more than their capacity. Recognizing, who is doing more, is the first step to overcoming the argument about” who’s doing more.”

As a working mom, I knew about the parenting difficulties, when you come home after your work, you’re exhausted because you had not taken sleep last night (sleep-deprived parent). Obviously, no one wants to wake up in the middle of the night and your hubby is sleeping next to you! How do you feel? I know you want to punch his face! (just kidding).

Collaboration Parental Responsibilities Beats competition

Parental duties

Continue competition leaves parents feel lonely, stressed, dissatisfied, exhausted, tired mentally and physically. Walking on this dangerous path leads either to A high conflict environment where you’re just going through the motion.

Now you understand better -to tackle individual stresses together with collaboration and mutual support for a healthy atmosphere. To raise a kid is really a tough job then keeping him in your womb.

You know a new baby is amazing but on either hand, it is difficult to raise him. If you want to be connected to the new life with joy, happiness and stay sexual attachment with each other. Let’s be in the soup together. We together as a team lead to greater happiness and satisfaction.

Discuss, Divide and Conquer Parental Duties

When you both divide the parental duties, you get the greatest relationship satisfaction. Because now there is a clear understanding of the division of labor and household responsibilities.

It’s not a big deal who does more work but there is clarity around whose job it is to do what? Just make a checklist of every household chores. These are above 100, now do a survey. Give this list to couples. And tick off who does what currently and who’d do what ideally.

What is the result – both people think they do everything. Now a collaborative discussion and a clear cut plan about who will do what?

Parental duties

You will get a higher level of happiness once there’s a discussion about work division, But there’s actually less happy with a 50/50 split because couples think that it is unusual to feel exactly the same about each chore. Which makes a complete sense that if you prefer kitty litter to human waste, but for your partner, it’s vice versa then do that.

It’s not always better to divide all the work than share some. Likely your diaper-changing plan – you’ll take 6:00 a.m. As you get ready for your work or at night when you’re watching your favorite show. But if both you have an advance conversation about work division you’ll avoid all unnecessary arguments, chores and of course heap of the dirty diaper!


Enjoy parenting journey with mutual support.  The memories of parenting last forever. When you both will get old and sitting in your lawn – the memories are there to share with each other because of your kids who turn in a successful personality. They are enjoying their life. You both made this possible bt teamwork!

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