How to get pregnant on the First Try Easily?

by manthananam.erem

Are you trying to get pregnant from a long time? Don’t worry, you won’t end up like Chandler and Monica from (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) Here I”m sharing with you my pregnancy journey experience. It might help you to get pregnant on the first try

Before marriage, I was living in a joint family where there was a big crowd of kids. Every year my mom would add a new member to our family. I started to feel an attachment to kids in my teenage. After marriage, I had chosen my profession as a teacher. Perhaps, my love for kids.

How To Get Pregnant in the First try

I was impatient to become a mother after getting married and started to make a solid strategy to become pregnant in my first attempt.

I made researches and had a good idea of the most significant event of my life. ‘Plan before any big decisions’. Sure planning gives everyone comfort and success.

That’s why I and my husband decided that we are ready to try for a baby.


My priority has always been my baby’s health, for my little bundle of joy to be healthiest and smartest with the best opportunities in life from the very start. All of us mothers think in the same way when it comes to our babies, it is all natural.

With God’s blessing, me and my husband were fortunate enough to get pregnant in the first try. I felt the urge to learn all about my body and prepare myself for the big journey.

Tips on How to get Pregnant on the First Try.

I’m no doctor or a midwife, just a mother who wishes to share her experience and help you gorgeous ladies out there. I wish my experience comes handy. Here are a couple tips & tricks to go through if you really wanna get pregnant on the first try.

1. Getting your body ready for Pregnancy.

You need to have a healthy diet and regular exercise like a daily walk in the morning and evening is a great idea. Zumba, yoga classes, or whatever your preference is to pump your body and keep it warm & healthy.

It is a starting step to make your body flexible and finely tuned machine to create a human. It’s the hardest work you have to decide.

2. Prenatal Vitamins

Get Pregnant on the First Try

Secondly, you will have to add in a PRENATAL VITAMIN to your daily diet chart.

Prenatal vitamin is the best one that I had tried before I got pregnant on the first time. The other most important is folic acid which makes your body incredibly ready for having a baby.

It’s not only helpful throughout your pregnancy but also after pregnancy when you’re a breastfeeding mother.

Additionally, iron is an important benefit you get from your PRENATAL VITAMINS. Your baby will use this iron during pregnancy. Having extra stored up iron up before getting pregnant can help you to prevent anemia in both you and your baby.

3. Alcohol

Get Pregnant on the First Try

The third and the most essential is to cut out the alcohol if you’re habitual. Many studies show that consuming alcohol is greatly affecting to your fertility.

If you seriously want to get pregnant, then you must enjoy your last swing night and cut out the alcohol.

You can enjoy again if you want, only after your young one is at least one year old. You shouldn’t drink even when you’re a nursing mom. So first, make a baby then make a peg.

4. Thermometer

Get Pregnant on the First Try

This one is weird for some people but if you really want to give it your best shot you need to find out when your ovulating. You can buy a basal thermometer for it.

This one is quite different than a regular thermometer and is more accurate to the specific temperature instead of reading 98.6. Your BASAL THERMOMETER will read 98.68 degrees or the temperature of your body is that day.

The trick is to check up your vaginal temperature in the morning before you get up from your bed. When you get up it changes your resting body temperature and can give you an inaccurate reading.

So, leave a pen and a paper on your nightstand on your phone with an app to calculate the ovulating.

Temperature of Thermometer:

Your normal body temperature should range roughly from 97.2 to 97.7. In a few days when you ovulate, you can see a spike in your temperature between 0.4 to 1.0 degrees. It will stay up until your next period. If the spike is for a day then it’s probably not ovulation.

Once you get a month or two charted you should be able to find out exactly when you’re ovulating. And finally, when ovulation happens again in a few days before that temperature spike, pay close attention to the numbers.

The best you can use with BASAL THERMOMETER is OVULATION KIT PREDICTOR. First, you pee in a little cup and dip a test strip in your urine to test if you’re pregnant or not if you’re ovulating.

Using this allows you to narrow down exactly the days you’re ovulating and can give you the best chance of conceiving. The kit is a little costly, so you can using your Basal Thermometer to narrow down the days you suspect your ovulating and use only test strips to confirm your pregnancy.

5. Conceive for pregnancy

Get Pregnant on the First Try

Now, this is the easiest and the most fun part. Go and grab your man and do it! You’ll get to busy a couple of days before you ovulate and when you’re ovulating and a couple of days after you ovulate.

You’re really only fertile for about 1 week of any month before and after your menstrual period. It’s just my trick which I used to get pregnant on the first try.

I just make tiny advice on my part not to tell your man that you’re ovulating but only just set the mood and go for it. Telling the idea can spoil the mood and your partner may feel anxious or overwhelmed.

Certainly, make sure you both are ready for a baby then just leave out the exact days when you’re ovulating. It can make pressure on some guys to perform if they know the expectations.

After doing your best try, just lay down for 15 minutes quietly to give his swimmers the chance to work magically.

Now the most exciting part you have to wait at least 5 to 6 days before your missed period to take the PREGNANCY TEST for what you have done a lot of efforts and you’re most excited to know the result of your hard work is

6. Pregnancy confirmed

Really, these are the most precious moment for any woman who wants to get pregnant faster. I had wasted enough money in taking tests before they could get an accurate reading. I was so excited that I could not stop myself to wait for few days before missing my first period!

The tests give you accurate results. If you take an early test then don’t be panic you may have jumped the gun again. Try again in a few days. 

If you get your period, don’t get upset as it was your first try. It’s overall a natural process, try again to get what you want. Rest is in the hands of Almighty God. Sometimes it can take a longer time. You can take medical help if needed.

If you get positive signs in your first try, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Amazingly, you’re going to be a mom soon. Pregnancy changes your whole life and brings bundles of joy in your life. The imagination of being a mom and a dad is incredible. Enjoy your moments and good luck with this magical time.


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