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Getting pregnant on the first try: how I found out +

Joe and I are excited to share this wonderful little bean and are eager together to take on this beautiful family dream. A YouTube video I posted about this topic can be seen here. I realize most people’s journey is difficult and I send you love, strength and if you’re struggling I hope you get that positive very soon.” For many, it did not take too long to see that I was addressing the struggles of couples who struggle to conceive.

Are you trying to concieve from a long time? Don’t worry, you won’t end up like Chandler and Monica from (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) Here I’m sharing with you my pregnancy journey experience.


I made researches and had a good idea of the most significant event of my life. ‘Plan before any big decisions’. Sure planning gives everyone comfort and success.


What happens during week 1 – 2?

On 2 weeks after this point the adult eggs have emerged from your ovary and have not yet matured. Its release means the egg can travel into your cervix via the fallopian tube. Unless the embryo meets with its spermatos the seeds will merge. Fertilisation is likely when you are having unprotected sex during 6 days prior to – but including – the day before – conception. The median period is 26 days and ovulation might happen earlier or sooner according to the length of your period. The average cycle is 28 days or about 2 weeks long. For further information visit [link].

What happens during week 3 – 4?

The fertilized egg moves down the fallsopian canal and divides into a greater number of cells. Your uterus reach your uterus three– four days after giving birth. The dividing cells then form a ball which floats in the uterus roughly 2–3 days. Pregnancy begins after the baby’s cells get attached to the skin of their mother. Up to half of the eggs that are laid are removed from your body after your period before implantation is complete. This is known as implantation and takes 2-3 days to complete. Normally it starts a few days after fertilisation and requires 6 days for implanting.

Show the signs of pregnancy?

Most test positives for pregnancy will occur before your period. Other early-arriving complications can be painless if left alone and it’s difficult to feel the weight drop or get it down easily. Mental instability, nausea and tender or bruised breasts. Not everyone has these symptoms but it is likely that one should be there. It should not have been checked for if you’re a human. Please help us improve this data. How can we do this better? Thank you? Share your feedback on Facebook and Twitter @[link]. Emailing Jo: dailymail.

Tell me the gestational age?

Gestation starts at the shortest day of your first menstrual cycle (LMP) A long-term pregnancy is generally around 40 weeks from your LMP — a total of about 10 months. The surest way to determine gestational age early in pregnancy was by an ultrasound. A pregnancy is estimated at about 3-4 weeks prior to your actual date of birth. An ultrasound is best for diagnosing you as soon as you think you have had the child in your pregnancy. In this site you will find information about age, using “gestational age.

Tips On Pregnancy In the First Try

I’m no doctor or a midwife, just a mother who wishes to share her experience and help you gorgeous ladies out there. I wish my experience comes handy.

1. Getting your body ready for Pregnancy.

You need to have a healthy diet and regular exercise if you’re trying to conceive, daily walk in the morning and evening is a great idea. Zumba, yoga classes, or whatever your preference is to pump yourself and keep yourself warm & healthy.

It is a starting phase to make you flexible and finely tuned machine to create a human. It’s the hardest work you have to decide.

2. Prenatal Vitamins


Get Pregnant on the First Try

Prenatal vitamin is the best one that I had tried from my first trimester. The other most important is folic acid which makes your health and get ready your body for carrying a baby.

It’s not only helpful throughout your pregnancy but also after pregnancy when you’re a breastfeeding mother.

Additionally, iron is an important benefit you get from your PRENATAL VITAMINS. Your baby will use this iron when you’re pregnant. Having extra stored up iron up before getting pregnant can help you to prevent Anemia. Talk to your doctor before taking in any medicine.

3. Alcohol


Get Pregnant on the First Try

The third and the most essential thing is to cut out the alcohol if you’re habitual. Many studies show that consuming alcohol is greatly affecting to your fertility and health.

If you seriously want pregnancy, then you must enjoy your last swing night and cut out the alcohol for a good health.

4. Thermometer


Get Pregnant on the First Try

This one is weird for some people but if you really want to give it your best shot you need to find out when you’re ovulating. You can buy a basal thermometer for it.

This one is quite different than a regular thermometer and is more accurate to the specific temperature instead of reading 98.6. Your BASAL THERMOMETER will read 98.68 degrees or the temperature of your body is that day.

The trick is to check up your vaginal temperature in the morning before you get up from your bed. It changes your resting body temperature and can give you an inaccurate reading.

So, leave a pen and a paper on your nightstand or your phone with an app to calculate the ovulating.

Temperature of Thermometer:

Your normal temperature should range roughly from 97.2 to 97.7. In a few days when you ovulate, you see a spike in your temperature between 0.4 to 1.0 degrees. It will stay up until your next period. If the spike is for a day then it’s probably not ovulation.

Once you get a month or two charted you should be able to find out exactly when you’re ovulating. And finally, when ovulation happens again in a few days before that temperature spike, pay close attention to the numbers. Because it’s the exact time when chances of getting pregnant are high.

The best you can use with BASAL THERMOMETER is OVULATION KIT PREDICTOR. First, you pee in a little cup and dip a test strip in your urine to test if you’re pregnant or not. If you have irregular cycles of monthly course, it’s difficult to track your ovulation.

5. Conceive for pregnancy


Get Pregnant on the First Try

You’re fertile for about 1 week of any month before and after your menstrual period. Because sperm lasts for a few days only and women egg lasts for a day only.

Now, this is the easiest and the most fun part. You’ll get to busy a couple of days before you ovulate and when you’re ovulating and a couple of days after you ovulate.

I just make tiny advice on my part not to tell your man that you’re ovulating but only just set the mood and go for the sex. Telling the idea can spoil the sex mood and your partner may feel anxious or overwhelmed.

After doing your best try, just lay down for 15 minutes quietly to give his swimmers the chance to work magically.

Now the most exciting part you have to wait at least 5 to 6 days for conception before your missed period to take the PREGNANCY TEST for what you have done a lot of efforts and you’re most excited to know the result for your hard work!

6. Diagnosis of Pregnancy


The tests give you accurate results. If you take an early test then don’t be panic you may have jumped the gun again. Keep trying to conceive in next month. 

7 Positive Pregnancy Test

When you missed your period that means you also need to test your pregnancy for satisfaction. It is very simple process and can be done at your place.

It determine with the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) because HCG is found only in the pregnant women. It starts to build your baby after a few days when fertilized egg enters in the uterus.

Pregnancy test is an easy way to confirm pregnancy at home. These are inexpensive and provide quickly at any chemist shop. When you got positive signs it means your first trimester is started and you’re four weeks pregnant lady.

9 What is the First Trimester Pregnancy?

It is the very first phase of your pregnancy. It starts with the first day of last period of menstrual cycle. And lasts for 12 weeks. From first trimester you experience many unwanted changes.

From first day after getting pregnant your uterus is started growing with your baby. It started taking shape in different stages- fertilized egg- blastocyst- an embryo and finally a fetus.

You have to be more careful during the first weeks because risk of miscarriage is high. It is because in first month pregnancy there are chances of Chromosomal abnormalities

10 Chromosomal Abnormalities

In medical language it is described by very well family “It occurs when a fetus has either the incorrect number of chromosomes, incorrect amount of DNA within a chromosome, or chromosomes that are structurally flawed.”

The bad thing is that there is no proper treatment for this disorder. As a woman get older, the chances of abnormal numbers of chromosomes increase.

11 Precaution To Reduce Risk

  • Fix an appointment with doctor before you trying to conceive

  • Prenatal vitamins are good for health and you can take before getting pregnant

  • keep visiting your doctor is always a good advice

  • eat a healthy food

  • keep an eye on your health and weight

  • avoid smoking and drinking

12 Pregnancy Hormones

Pregnancy Hormones make you crazy during first trimester. Nausea and morning sickness are the first signs or symptoms occur in the first trimester.

Four to eight weeks pregnant women may feel cravings for food any time of the day even at night, swollen breasts, and your uterus starts to grow day by day. Growing uterus fill your bladder and you need to go urinate many times. But these symptoms consider normal in pregnancy.

Symptoms of pregnancy: What happens first?

Even after you miss periods you think you’re pregnant. Learn about pregnancy and why. From numb feeling to a fatigue tell me what to expect. List all the symptoms of pregnancy – such as nausea and cramping.

Below are a few sign that you’re going to experience while pregnancy:-

  • Fatigue- Hormonal changes make you feel tired and fatigue in the first 12 weeks

  • During pregnancy many women feel urge to pass urine again and again

  • Morning sickness is the most common first sign during first time

  • Swollen breasts-You should expect this from the beginning of pregnancy

  • Vomiting- Mostly pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting in the first trimester

  • Cravings for food is a hormonal sense deficiency during first trimester

  • feel Bloated- Pregnancy slow down your digestion system, and constipation makes you bloated

  • High Blood Pressure is most common during first week

When should I see a midwife?

Your first Midwife appointment is called the ‘booking’ appointment. This is typically between weeks 8 and 10 weeks pregnant woman. Find information about the procedures for registration at a midwife and when your appointments will be in town.

14 When Pregnancy Mood Swings Start?

Mood Swings is one of the most funny symptoms. Because mood swings make you happy at a moment and make you cry on the other moment. Six to 8 weeks pregnant experience it during the first trimester and many in third trimester.

15 Pregnancy Weeks Pregnant

  • The first trimester lasts from 1st week to 12 weeks pregnant

  • The second trimester starts from 13th week and lasts for 26 weeks pregnant

  • The third trimester starts from 27th week and lasts for 39 weeks or 40 weeks

Mostly pregnancy lasts from 38 to 40 weeks (depend upon your body) or you can estimate the due date is for 280 days, from the day of your last date of menstrual period.


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