There is no doubt that toddlers love T.V. more than anything. There are so many colors, so much creativity and knowledge to grasp.  In this article, we are going to talk about some of the most creative yet Educational Cartoons For Kids.

Sometimes, to keep our children away from bad influence, we choose to get in their ways of making friends, decisions, and whatnot. As a result, our child might get confused. One big decision that I have seen parents talk about is ‘NO Television’

It amazes me. The world is in the balance of good and bad and we can always choose the best for them. I must say television shaped my creativity, made me more empathetic and modest. With that said, these Educational Cartoons For Kids also gave me knowledge and wisdom and the power of love.

So, if you know any parents who are restricting their child from television, politely make them understand the importance of colors and creativity in a child’s life. 

Moving on, we will be discovering some of the most beautiful crafted Educational Cartoons For Kids. This list will contain educational cartoons for kids but moreover, it will focus on creative, colorful cartoons. Creativity leads to intelligent minds. 

Logic Will Take You From A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. 

How To Start The Television Journey With Your Toddler Carefully?

I’m not denying the fact that television can be scary. All the commercial agendas, generalization, stereotypes, and many other societal issues are a huge part of today’s telly.

There is also television addiction that can stop your child’s outdoor activity but… but with the right decisions and choices, we can give them the best of television filled with knowledge, love, empathy, imagination, and creativity. 

Divide your toddler’s time with outdoor activities, indoor activities, and television and don’t skip either one of them. Try to pick interesting outdoor games that your baby loves to play and involve the whole family to always make it fun. Choose different days for different games and don’t force them onto your child.

Instead, let your child choose the games for themselves, it can be anything… swimming day, basketball day, football day, balls games. Along with that, indulge them in indoor games, for instance, barbie house, treasure hunt, roleplay, book reading, etc. 

Enjoy television with them and narrate it to them positively. We will now be pulling interesting, creative Educational Cartoons For Kids

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Educational Cartoons For Kids

1.1. Shaun, The Sheep

This stop-motion animated show is one of the best Educational Cartoons For Kids I watched as a kid. It is filled with great laughter, story morals, and unity. Plus, the protagonist is a cute sheep, the whole show runs around livestock animals and their beautiful friendship, notorious relationships. It teaches love towards animals and aliens. 

A little summary,

Shaun, the cute, bright sheep lives with its family of the flock in an old village farm. Every day, this sheep fills colors and fun activities in their mundane, boring farm life with adventure and human activities.

This show witnesses a cute friendship between the sheep and the sheepdog, helping each other out on this fun ride. You will also witness a lot of unity and teamwork among the sheep when they are up on the mission to save mankind and otherwise. 

Educational Cartoons For Kids

This show also shows a cute archenemies relation with the side farm pigs. The two teams are notorious for each other and always indulge in competition, giving loads of laughter to the audience.

You can find this show on YouTube very easily. Pick a random episode and enjoy with your family great laughter. I still laugh watching this show. 

Also, another reason I prefer this show for toddlers is that this show has funny background music but not many dialogues, making it easy and artistic to understand. Give it a try you’ll love it. I’m adding a link to Shaun’s the sheep’s episode for you to try and then be the judge. 

Shaun The Sheep Episode to Binge

1.2. Dragon Tales

Dragon tales in another colorful series to watch and witness filled with dramas, magic, colors, adventures, and a beautiful, natural world. This show revolves around Emmy and her brother, who magically teleport from their world into a dragon’s world through an enchanted crystal.

Educational Cartoons For Kids

Emmy and Max are friends with 4 dragons in the dragon world with different and yet beautiful personalities. This show encompasses many adventures that are filled with important life lessons, meanwhile also making them fun and lively. 

This show also has an educational base through adventures of learning basic alphabets, letters, words, numbers. It also covers chores for kids and is portrayed in a fun way to encourage kids into chores without being bored and burdened. 

This show is a must-watch if you want to build a sense of the strong personality of your child and it’s colorful. I used to watch it for the beautiful dragon world and the adventures, personally. 

Dragon Tales Season 1, Episode 2

1.3. Phineas & Ferb

Phineas & Ferb is another adventurous and yet an Educational Cartoons For Kids. This show revolves around two brothers, their sister and a bunch of other kids. Phineas and Ferb, the two brothers are two little scientists making new science projects in their backyards every day. 

Educational Cartoons For Kids

Their sister, Candace tries to sabotage her brother’s adventurous activity but is somehow never successful in spilling the beans to her mother. 

Phineas & Ferb also have a pet, Platypus Perry who is an undercover agent trying to fight the villains and evils of the world. He also keeps it a secret from Phineas and Ferb. Funny and cute. Platypus perry would be your kids’ new superhero, trust me. 


1.4.  Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls is another superwomen cartoon show where three superpower girls fight the villains in the town. These girls are kids with unnatural superpowers of high speed, high strength, flying capability, and whatnot! 

Plot summary,

Professor Utonium in the scientific experiment of making the perfect kid using ingredients sugar, spicy, and everything nice, accidentally spills chemical X resulting in 3 girls, Blossom, bubbles, and buttercup being super, spicy and everything nicely separately. 

These three little girls are shown to fight the evil whilst dealing with their child issues, like wetting the bed, losing teeth, hygiene, kid’s chores, etc. 

This super entanglement of helping the world and being confused with the minimal child issues makes this show very cute and empowering to the kids. The animation of this show is very cartoonist and very fun to watch given its simple yet colorful graphics. 

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1.5. Oswald

Remembering these cartoons is like living my childhood. Oswald is one such cartoon that shaped my creativity. Everything in this reality is alive. Flowers talk, Octopus walks, penguins scoff. This cute show revolves around a cute blue octopus and his little dog weenie. 

Educational Cartoons For Kids

Oswald is an optimistic person that finds happiness and interesting ideas to cope up with life. This show also revolves around Octopus’s friends, a flower, and a penguin.

This flower, daisy is another interesting and happy character of Oswald. Meanwhile, the penguin, Henry is usually grumpy, but interestingly he somehow enjoys life a little more when he is with Oswald. 

This show has an interesting infrastructure. You will witness shoes shop in the shape of a shoe and a guitar shop in the shape of a guitar, etc. It gives out a very colorful imagination to kids and to adults as well. 

Join Oswald and his friends’ adventure on youtube! Your kids would love it. Oswald teaches kids to be more optimistic, to find problems and difficulties a part of life, and teach them how to solve and learn from these difficulties in a very cute sense. You are looking for a show that is a bundle of joy and yet teaches morale to your kids, Oswald is the one!


1.6. Doraemon

Doraemon is a comedy Sci-Fi for kids. A cat robot that is sent back from the future to help a young boy with low grades and confidence, his name is Nobita. Nobita is always bullied by his classmates and lacks the confidence to complete tasks at all. 

Doraemon is sent back from the future by Nobita’s grandson to help Nobita with grades, confidence, and self-esteem to improve their ancestors. 

Educational Cartoons For Kids

This cat robot Doraemon has a four-dimensional pocket that carries many sci-fi gadgets like flying cap that helps humans to fly, teleport door to report them anywhere, torches that make them tiny or humongous, etc. 

Nobita loves Doraemon and Doraemon loves Nobita, too. Their cute friendship makes this show extra cute. Meanwhile, the cat robot tries to better Nobita with everything,

Nobita is often found using Doraemon’s gadget into not-so-very productive things, like making Shizuka, a bright girl from Nobita’s school, fall in love with him, He also uses these gadgets to get back at the bullies, Sunio, and guan.

This cute little distraction in the story makes it extra fun! If your kid is into science or otherwise, it’s a fun cartoon to watch!


1.7.  Noddy

Noddy is another colorful cartoon that’s full of creativity and imagination. This show revolves around Noddy and many other fun characters. This show gave me the kind of delight that just springs you up! 

1.8. Mr. Bean

Who has not watched Mr. Bean, the animated version? The animated version of Mr. bean is so beautifully written and projected that you can still watch it, timelessly. Mr. Bean is a silent comedy that will give you and your baby a fit of laughter every day. 

Mr. Bean has a cute teddy with him all the time that he thinks is his best friend. He considers the toy alive and walks to him, bathes him, watches t.v. with him. The charter of Mr. bean is a representation of an alien character that does stupid yet cute, weird things every day.

Mr. Bean doesn’t talk much and only makes weird sounds when speaking making this comedy beauty a silent comedy. His fun character is worth every while for you kid! 

1.9. Tom & Jerry

Another one in the list, Tom, and Jerry and their cute endless fights make this cartoon the funniest among all. To this date, Tom & Jerry still stands topmost in the list of funny cartoons! Tom is a pet cat in a big house and has the mission to get rid of Jerry, the mouse in the house at all costs. 

Jerry is a smart mouse and escapes Tom every time! Their cute fight and Jerry’s intelligent ideas to make fun of Tom is fun to watch. 

Educational Cartoons For Kids

A little backstory, one of the most talked theories about Tom&jerry is that Tom & Jerry were actually friends and Tom used to pretend to not like Jerry in attempts to fool the owner into not bringing another cat in the house to eat jerry or to kill Jerry herself. 

This show also has a pet pitbull and his little sun. This trio & their never-ending quarrels make this show fun and colorful. Plus, the graphics of the show are very colorful and creative. You should give this cartoon a try if you haven’t already!

1.10. Richie Rich

Another of my favorite, Richie Rich is about a very rich kid and his charismatic charm. Richie Rich is a confident boy but still not egoistic or arrogant because of his money. He is shown to be kind and charitable and wants to enjoy life like any other normal person. 

His life and his decisions lead a very adventurous yet fun journey. This show is based on a comic and breaks the rich stereotype! You should give this show a try, your kid would love it! 

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