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Breastfeeding Myths are the sour reason women fear breastfeeding so much in the first place! You hear all sorts, from magic tricks to surf your milk supply to blunders of mythologies concerning breastfeeding. 

breastfeeding myths

Before we begin, just know with whatever ups & downs, breastfeeding is always beautiful, let it flow! In consideration of that, we are familiar with how difficult Breastfeeding can get! With the right knowledge & assistance, you can get past it.

NO matter what, Breastfeeding myths aren’t what you need at times like these! 

  • Myth 1: Breastfeeding should be scheduled.

Do not schedule breastfeeding. Some mothers fear their babies getting over-weight or it will reduce their milk quantity and what not! The truth is, babies can never get over-weight due to exclusive breastfeeding. 

Newborns know when & how much to feed, it’s in their system.  Scheduling breastfeeding will only leave you behind with a hungry, fussy baby, irregular milk Suppl. Worse to worse, it can decrease your milk supply, since your milk production depends solely on your baby’s feeding! DO NOT SCHEDULE! 

This rule applies to newborns tho. Once you start to pump or your baby is 6 months+, you can slowly and very slowly introduce the schedule in their life. 

  • Breastfeeding Myth 2: Small Breasts Produce Less Milk

Your milk production depends on the milk-producing cells a.k.a, breast tissue. Where in, breast size is defined by the fat present in the breasts! A healthy breastfeeding diet before/after pregnancy would ample you with sufficient breast milk, breast size won’t! Don’t give in to such Breastfeeding myths!

  • Myth 3: Mothers Starting To Work Will Have To Wean

Mothers can still stimulate milk production while at work with the help of pumping sessions & a little breastfeeding. Breastfeeding when the time allows(even a little) will stimulate milk production in your body.

Breast pumping will maintain that stimulation and will allow you to collect milk stashes that can be used even when the mother is not around or in the office or doing work!

Though it is your personal choice to wean off or not once you start to work again. The possibility of breastfeeding still stands! 

  • Myth 4: Breastfeeding Is A Good Birth Control Option!

Short & sweet — NOOOO! It’s still quite possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding works as a good birth control only when met with certain conditions!

That is exclusive breastfeeding every 4 hours. As easy as it sounds, it can get hectic to maintain that cycle. You never know when you skipped a breastfeeding session!

Up next in the line is, breastfeeding works as good birth control(conditions applied) only until 6 months of breastfeeding! If you do not want future pregnancy, better use other means of contraception that come with validation. 

  • Myth Or Fact 5: Mothers With Breast Implants Cannot Breastfeed!

Biologically speaking, mothers can breastfeed with breast Implants. But can it be done without discomfort, certainly no! Breast Implant can discomfort a mother but they do not stop you from breastfeeding. 

  • Situation A: You already have breast Implants — Go ahead and breastfeed your little one! The discomfort level can be mild but if it gets worse, consult with your doctor! All in all, you can breastfeed and that is what matters!
  • Situation B: You are planning on having Breast Implants and have a nursing baby — As I said, breast implants do not stop you from breastfeeding but 8/10 women with breast implant/breastfeeding found it very difficult and advised wait until breastfeeding months are done. 

With that said, it is/will be your choice. Yes, you can breastfeed with implants and experience does vary from mother to mother. While it might have bought discomfort to some, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your case. 

  • Myth 6: You Need A Special Diet While Breastfeeding

No, you don’t. A normal healthy diet is just enough! Breastfeeding doesn’t require any special treatment. Your breast milk composition has a normal demand for normal healthy nutrients that can be easily found in your daily dietary intake. 

All that you need to look out for are allergies, foods your baby is allergic to, or foods that your baby reacts to negatively. Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding also doesn’t terminate much of the nutrients. Just necessary cuts! 

  • Myth 7: Do Not Breastfeed When Sick

Babies depend exclusively on your breast milk. They get their complete nutrients from your breastmilk. Terminating breastfeeding is never a good solution. In fact, breast milk doesn’t work as a mode of transmission, at all. 

Breastfeeding, along with nutrients, comes with many antibodies. So, if you are sick, you will most probably pass on the antibodies than the sickness. GO, BREASTFEED!

  • Myth 8: Breastfeeding Is Easy & Doesn’t Require Efforts

While this might be the case for some mothers. It not the same for every woman. Breastfeeding asks for efforts, i.e., find a proper latch, breastfeeding positions, the latter soreness, clogged ducts and, many such things. 

Sure, breastfeeding is natural but it asks for proper attention & efforts. It doesn’t come easy but it’s beautiful. 

  • Myth 9: Breastfeeding Doesn’t Benefit After A Year!

It’s advisable to breastfeed for 6 months. Some mothers though choose to breastfeed beyond that period and it completely works best for the baby. You can exclusively breastfeed for a year or more and your baby will benefit the baby! 

Your breastmilk changes with your baby’s need. Breastmilk composition will differ with age to meet your baby’s requirement! So, yes, breastfeeding still benefits after a year or more!


These are some of the most common breastfeeding myths I have heard since the time of my pregnancy. DO not bother to worry yourself out pondering at them. As stupid as these myths might be, people often have the best of intentions while telling you. 

Consult your doctor before submitting a conclusion, never stop breastfeeding unless required, embrace this time with your baby, and bond like hell. Eat, feed, love, sleep! If you have more questions/myths to clear out. Do let me know in the comment section down below & I shall try my best to sort them out, until then,


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breastfeeding myths

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