Breastfeeding Benefits For Mothers!

by manthananam.erem

Even if it was without breastfeeding benefits, breastfeeding is still beautiful. The whole motherhood, parenting journey comes with many rarities. Giving birth to a new soul, feeding a baby, growing up with them… it’s quite mesmerizing! 

Except, breastfeeding just like the whole motherhood journey does come with many benefits. And it’s not just for the babies but for mothers too.

Of course, most of them are quite heard but this breastfeeding benefits list will take you behind the curtains of breastfeeding and its uncountable benefits! 

Breastfeeding Benefits For Mothers!

It’s no wonder how many Breastfeeding Benefits serves the baby. From nursing the baby with nutrients to building up their immune system and what-not, breastfeeding has shown a million ways of how it protects, how it helps growth, how it helps your baby fight diseases! 

breastfeeding benefits

For a change, I want you all mothers to put yourself upfront and benefit yourself first with these breastfeeding benefits!

1. Breastfeeding helps Mothers Lose Weight!

Despite the rumors, breastfeeding makes a nursing mother burn 300-500 calories per day without any exercise. Milk production and breastfeeding require a lot of energy, countable 300-500 calories per day!

Take it from the woman wanting to lose weight, it takes more than the hours you can afford to burn that many calories! Or am I just lazy?

Breastfeeding or otherwise, it’s important to have a healthy breastfeeding diet!. Your hunger does alleviate while breastfeeding. But half of that amount burns down while milk production duties and half of it, you can take down in no time with easy exercises. 

Breastfeeding helps you lose weight faster in a healthy way without affecting your milk supply, your health, or your baby’s health! 

2. Breastfeeding Lowers The Risk Of Breast Cancer & Ovarian Cancer!

  • Breast Cancer:

Women who breastfeed experience many hormonal changes while lactating. This lactation period and hormonal changes delay ovulation. The temporary stoppage of menstrual cycle & ovulation reduces the supply of a hormone named Estrogen.

Estrogen is known to promote breast cancer growth. Breastfeeding breaks the ovulation cycle hereafter stopping the exposure of Estrogen and as a result reducing the risk of breast cancer. 

Breastfeeding also removes breast tissues that can potentially have damaged DNA. This removal also contributes to the reduction of breast cancer risk. 

  • Ovarian Cancer

The same goes for Ovarian cancer. Once your body stops ovulating and stops secreting Estrogen. It lowers the chances of Ovarian cancer!


3. Breastfeeding Fasten Uterus Contractions

Breastfeeding results in nipple stimulation that makes your body release Oxytocin. The release of oxytocin leads to milk letdown! Along the line, Oxytocin also helps shrinking down your uterus to its pre-pregnancy shape!

Oxytocin also works as a stress reliever. Its release makes you feel sleepy and relaxed. Breastfeeding can be a very new and raw experience for mothers that can cause stress in new mothers. Oxytocin works best for thiss stress.

4. Delays Periods

As we broadly talked about it, breastfeeding delays ovulation. If you exclusively breastfeed for 6 months i.e., no formula and no bottle. You can delay menstruation for 6 months. 

The biology behind–Breastfeeding also releases prolactin that keeps Estrogen’s secretion at bay. Estrogen. No secretion of estrogen delays ovulation. 

5. Works As A Natural Birth Control

Though, it’s credibility can fail. Certain rules need to be followed if you want to use breastfeeding as birth control. 

  • You should exclusively breastfeed. Every four hours, that is!
  • It will only work for 6 months from childbirth!

You should probably use other means of birth control since breastfeeding is not as reliable as it may seem!

6. Breastfeeding Initiates A Bond Between You & Your Baby

Breastfeeding is beautiful and the only means your baby can trust you, know you, sense you, feel you! It’s no secret that breastfeeding allows your baby to be close to you.

The skin-to-skin touch while breastfeeding itself promotes that bond between you & your baby! Breastfeeding is something you & your baby solely share. 

Babies cannot converse and the only way they can trust you is through your aura, your visuals, your voice, your eyes. Breastfeeding allows your baby to notice all that and much more love! 


These are some of the major breastfeeding benefits for mothers out there. If you can do breastfeeding your baby for your own and your baby’s health. Read ahead for Breastfeeding Benefits For The Baby!

Also, to the mother who cannot breastfeed, your journey still stays beautiful! The bond you & your baby share is above all and don’t you ever forget that! Share this with mama, ask them & yourself to love yourself. And stay hydrated always and forever! Until then,



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