Breastfeeding Benefits For The Baby

by manthananam.erem

As long as the time counts, breastfeeding benefits for the baby will benefit the baby. This might sound a bit exaggerated but fairly, breastfeeding doesn’t just benefit the baby for the starting six months or a year but it goes way ahead. 

Given the circumstances, whether a mother chooses to breastfeed or not, breastfeeding is her choice. This post doesn’t discourage mothers who choose to not breastfeeding or cannot breastfeed for so & so reasons.

We encourage you to invest your beautiful time bonding with your baby and keeping them & yourself healthy, no matter what!

Breastfeeding also benefits the mother in more than ways we can possibly imagine! It’s a win-win call for both you & your little one! 

Breastfeeding Benefits For The Baby

There is a reason mothers produce milk. Not just humans, you can see the cycle in all the creatures. The mother exclusively breastfeeds them for a healthier time, a healthier life, and healthier immune to fight the world ahead. 

breastfeeding benefits

It’s in nature, how babies instinctively look/search for the breast milk and how beautifully our body responds to that stimuli. In brief, there is a reason babies breastfeed and we are going to discuss just that. 

Babies solely rely on mother’s milk for nutrition for 6 long months! Breast milk provides the baby with nutrition but that’s not all. There are uncountable-Breastfeeding Benefits For The Baby nature yet withholds and we are going to put light just on that! 

1. BreastMilk Passes On The Antibodies!

With all the nutritious content levels, breastfeeding also passes on necessary antibodies a.k.a, immunoglobulins. These include Ig-A(high amount), Ig-E, Ig-G, Ig-M, Ig-D. 

Immunoglobins or antibodies are proteins made after the exposure of an antigen(harmful foreign substances/toxins) that helps fight these antigens, germs, diseases, illnesses in the forth future. 

Breastmilk is highly rich with Ig-A because babies have a very low amount of Ig-A in their system. Mother’s milk completes the baby’s need for Ig-A. Ig-A is found in mucous membranes. It coats the respiratory & intestinal tract to kill off the harmful foreign substances that can enter through these tracts.  

Also to note, these antibodies stay with you life-long! Protecting you from these foreign substances long after breastfeeding has ended. 

Also, you can breastfeed when sick because your milk most likely will pass on the antibodies against that sickness rather than the sickness itself. 

2.  BreastMilk Benefits Premature Baby

Premature babies are born with a very weak immune system. Breast milk makes sure that your baby receives enough antibodies and nutrition to develop a better and stronger immune system. 

WHO, the World Health Organization suggests maintaining skin-to-skin contact with the pre-term babies and breastfeed them often to help them fight the world. 

Babies learn to breastfeed long before they actually start it. That is, they learn to grasp on the breasts, suckle, and completely breastfeeding in 28, 32, 36 weeks respectively. 

Studies also suggest breastmilk can help kick off the major problems premature birth brings with itself. Breastfeeding is a much safe option for the baby than not breastfeeding/or bottle feeding. 

If your premature baby cannot nurse itself, you can pump your breast milk and bottle feed your baby. Don’t Formula feed your baby, it doesn’t contain any antibodies to fight off the toxins and boost the immune system. To ensure your baby gets all the antibodies, breastfeed, or provide the baby with breastmilk. 

For more information on feeding a preterm baby, refer to

3. Breast milk Fights off Number Of Diseases

We discussed how breastmilk forwards many of the antibodies and boosts the immune system to fight off diseases. These diseases include cold, flu, middle ear infection. It also reduces the risk of SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome by 70%

Not just that, breastfeeding also reduces the risk of diabetes, Asthma, Eczema, and dental issues! Breastfeeding doesn’t lead to obesity in babies while the formula does lead to early obesity! 

I breastfed my babies and to this date, they rarely ever get sick despite the thick & thin! Of course, breastfed babies do get sick but it’s very mild/moderate and common. 

4. BreastMilk & Digestion

Human Breast milk is designed for human babies. And its composition doesn’t stay the same with the course of time. Breast milk’s composition changes as per your baby’s demand. Colostrum’s composition would be different from the after breast milk

This changes with every change in your baby’s demand and its body’s need. This designed human breastmilk can be easily digested by your baby compared to the formulas in the market! 

Baby Formulas are hard to digest and can give your baby digestive problems. On the other hand, your baby can digest breast milk without any issue.

5. Breastfeeding Provides Your Baby Mental, Physical & Emotional Support. 

Babies instinctively rely on breastmilk. Apart from nutrition and antibodies. Breastfeeding allows your baby to trust you in this strange, new world. 

The most effective means to provide babies mental and emotional support is through skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding, and mother’s love. Babies cannot converse and hence grasp at the aura of their environment. They sense you through your voice, smell, eyes, and aura. 

Breastfeeding allows eye-contact, skin-to-skin contact, food & your love for your baby. Surely, a bond can be created with or without breastfeeding. Only, breastfeeding just accelerates that process for trusting. 

The world is completely strange for your baby and it can be quite scary. Your baby solely relies on you for that comfort, solace, and support. SO, don’t be scared of this new change since your baby is probably going through a bigger one.

Along with breastfeeding, keep the aura calm, be a calm mom, love, laugh with your baby, play with your baby. Don’t be sad, scared, your baby can taste that. Breathe in and embrace this beautiful moment without the worry of the world.


All these Breastfeeding Benefits For The Baby stay with your baby life-long! Especially the bond & trust you build with your baby while breastfeeding. If you have a question, do let me know in the comment section down below! 

We respect whatever you choose and so must you. Don’t forget yourself in this journey. Love yourself, pamper yourself, treat yourself along with your baby. Until then,



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