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baby sleep tips for sleep-deprived parents

The toughest task after birth is baby sleep. You know a baby never wants to sleep because he needs his old place and that’s your womb. Now, what will you do? How could you get his womb again? I’m joking! When my first baby was born we both were super excited! But very soon our excitement changed into sleepless nights! I with my swollen legs sitting on the couch and looking for baby sleep books. Over the course of several days, I eagerly read each book, skimming through all the pages. This makes me write a topic about 12 baby sleep that’ll help baby sleep longer stretches.

My focus is to learn how to make a baby sleep without disturbance? My baby girl was super excited when she entered this world. She used to look around the whole day with her big fluffy eyes. You know, baby don’t sleep, how described in the books. LOL!’

baby sleep tips for sleep-deprived parents
baby sleep tips for sleep-deprived parents
baby sleep tips for sleep-deprived parents
baby sleep tips for sleep-deprived parents
baby sleep tips for sleep-deprived parents


baby sleep tips for sleep-deprived parents

We Can Make It Happen!

I gave my best efforts trying to schedule my baby’s sleep with reference to those books. But all in vain! Nothing really worked in our case. Then we pulled ourselves together, and you know teamwork makes sense, armed ourselves with key about 12 baby sleep tips for sleep-deprived parents we made a solid plan and strictly followed that.

It was not easy, but we didn’t want to lose our battle of baby sleep because we so badly wanted to sleep. It’s well said that plans consume time. We confidently stuck it and by the 4th month, our daughter was sleeping for 10 hours at night and naps also extended to 2 hours. Wow, we had won the battle and that was the celebrating time!

I know you are waiting for great 12 baby sleep tips for sleep-deprived parents.  So, be ready for a joy ride. Getting your newborn to sleep for hours is not a simple process. There are ebb and flow. Trying new things and finding one that works well for your baby.

We used all these tips for our baby, and with our continuous efforts she learned to sleep during the newborn phase, I and my husband enjoyed a generous amount of sleep. Hope these might help you, too. You have to hold your patience to follow these baby sleep tips.

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1. Offer one last feeding before sleep

Before you both prepare to go for sleep, wake up your sleeping baby for feeding. This will help your baby wakeless in the coming hours at night. After feeding put him back down on the bed while he’s still awake but feels drowsy.

2. Don’t Make Eye Contact with drowsy baby

Obviously, moms sing a lullaby or singing during that wee-hour feeding. But remember to avoid gazing into your baby eyes late at night. ” when your baby locks eyes with you, it’s almost like she’s drinking a double latte- her heart rate speeds up, her blood pressure rises, and she becomes more awake,” says Alan Greene, M.D., author of From First Kicks to First Steps.

You can make plenty of eye contact during the day time as she learned that it’s playing time which boosts her brain developing and bonding.

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3. Regulate the room temperature

You know better how you sleep better when the room is a little cooler! Well, your little one is no different. Keep your baby’s room bit warmer at day time and make it cooler at night time, suggested by Dr. Greene. You just leave the windows slightly open or use a fan at night. But make sure that your baby is sleeping enough away from windows and fan. and the room also not gets too hot or too cold. This one is the best baby sleep tips.

4. Use Dimmers for baby sleep


Lights are the best way to regulate yours’ as well as babies -the body’s internal clock known as a circadian rhythm. Buy a good dimmer unit from any hardware store. And after sunsets, lower the room lights- even if your baby is playing at that time. Continue these rhythms, make your home slightly bright during the day, even if he’s napping.

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5. Follow the eat wake and sleep pattern

When the baby wakes up, immediately he wants to eat (newborns are always hungry). You feed him when he got full, he will play, then the baby goes back to sleep…

This pattern has several benefits. First, it allows your baby full feeding, immediately after waking up which means the baby will get the most energy immediately after waking up which makes him more inclined to take full feeding and go longer between feedings.

6. Cut the Caffeine

 12 Baby Sleep tips

You know that too much java can rev you up and leave you wide-eyed. And the same thing is with your baby too. If you’re breastfeeding. The caffeine from coffee can turn up in breastmilk which makes awaken to you both. So, possibly don’t take any caffeine-rich items in the night. It can destroy yours as well as your baby’s sleep. This one is great 12 baby sleep tips for sleep-deprived parents.

7. Give a rest to diaper duty

It’s not necessary to change your baby’s diaper with each feeding. I mean if a diaper isn’t soaked through and your child doesn’t have extra sensitive skin or existing diaper rash, then you can skip this duty. Just use a thick layer of skin protection cream and absorbent nighttime good diaper.

8. Bypass burping

Many breastfeeding babies nurse less at night time, so it’s not necessary to wait for that little gust of water. Because at night he’s sucking slowly and therefore engulf less air – waiting for burping at night is not necessary. Just see how your child does without a burp, skipping just one step in the feeding routine can give you an extra nap.

9. Feed him with a bottle

If your baby wakes up often at night, make it routine to feed him to drink your pumped breast milk with a bottle. It enables your spouse by sharing the night shift feeding duty and you both get long stretches of sleep. This one is the best baby sleep tips.

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10. Choose a cozy sleep spot for baby sleep

A cradle or bassinet can be shifted into your bedroom which may improve the quality of your newborn’s snooze time, You know babies like to sleep better in cradle partly because they feel safer and enclosed there and closer to their parents.

11. Limits the length of naps during the day

I know it’s the most difficult job for a mom to wake a sleeping baby, but sleeping too long during the day can ruin nighttime sleep. If the baby is sleeping more then two hours during the day I would go ahead and wake the baby up, feed him, and then lay him down for another nap. But if you think that the baby wants a longer nap, feel free to increase the nap limit.

Breaking up day naps makes your newborn sleep well in the night time. At day time you get sufficient chances to feed him more time which is very beneficial for the baby’s health.

  1. Limiting the day time naps is important to support nighttime sleep. You can feed him as many feeding as possible during the day time. 
  2. You don’t want to keep the baby awake, he’ll himself get tired and fussy and falling back asleep.
  3. Encourage lots of naps and feeding at day time and follow the eat, wake, and sleep pattern.

12. Dreamfeeds for Baby sleep

 12 Baby Sleep tips

Dreamfeed means doing your late-night feed job while your baby is asleep, rather than waking him up for feeding. The benefit of doing so is that your baby doesn’t know he had fed. So, he’ll not make an urge to feeding at late night and falling asleep for hours without any disturbance.

Now I tell you how to do a dream feed – Just get your baby out of his crib at around 10 pm. feed him both o your sides or give him a full bottle. And then put him back in the bed still for sleep. A dream feed is an excellent way to give a better sleep to your baby.

I had listed all my ways to give a sound sleep to my newborn. One of these may work for you too. If you have any other way to give a sound sleep to your baby please share in the comment box – 12 baby sleep tips for sleep deprived-parents. Till then

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