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Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist Must-Haves

The happiest moment in a women’s life is to become a mother the first time. You crossed your first trimester, second trimester, and now the final stage–Third trimester. Any time you’ll be becoming a mom. Before this, you have to do preparation to welcome your little baby. You’re wondering and stressing all over the things, you need for your baby.

I know you’re confused to choose. Have you gone into a buy Baby? There’s A Lot of baby stuff. You can make a list that needed the most. This registry checklist baby helps you not to waste so much money on unwanted items!

I have made this ultimate baby registry checklist to help mom-to-be the first time. These must-haves baby items that you won’t be able to live without! This list covers all things that would be needed for the first three months and beyond.

With the baby items, I have considered some important things for your postpartum. These essentials make your postpartum journey easy and comfortable. Don’t forget to add a checklist. You can check my topic Postpartum Must-Haves: 12+ Products for Fast Postpartum Recovery and BEST MATERNITY LEGGINGS 2020-Top 10 List of Comfy leggings.

I have suggested all the items with my own experience to make your parenting and the postpartum journey less stressed. I hope you’ll get good help as this is an extremely baby registry checklist.  20+ best baby registry list ideas-items to put on a baby registry.

Here is the Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist: Exactly what items put on a baby registry! Baby Registry Must-Haves for Sleep, play, bath, and more!

All About Nursing Section

1. Crib

baby registry checklist

The most important thing on the list is a Crib. There are many options. I have suggested that I like it. Because these look modern and affordable.

2. A Crib Mattress

Ater crib the mattress is the most important thing for your fluffy baby. The mattress should be soft and comfortable. It should be fit the dimensions of the crib. Below are the great options:-

3. Crib Mattress Pads

baby registry checklist

You need it when the baby leaks out of their diaper. It is extra protection! I suggest you Carter’s Water-Resistant Quilted Mini Crib Fitted Mattress Pad. I damn sure you’ll like it because these are easy to wash. Buy a pair.

4. Pads Changer

It’s always a good idea to purchase a dresser than purchasing a table. The dresser is better to use while changing the diaper with your growing baby. I’ll recommend an inexpensive one and an expensive one. It’s your decision which one you want to buy. Keekaroo Peanut Changer is my second opinion. You can make a search for it. This one also a unique piece!

5. Nursery Gliders And Rockers

baby registry checklist

There are many beautiful brands like Monte Design and Pottery Barn Kids. They are a bit expensive. I love Nursery works via amazon.

6. C-sleeper, Bassinet or Moses Baskets

You know new baby does not sleep immediately in their cribs alone. The crib may be an obvious choice for many moms. However, new moms always prefer to keep their loving one nearby her for feeding on demand. Their top choice is co-sleeper, Moses baskets or co-sleeper for the first a few weeks. Below are the best options:-

7. Swaddle Blankets & Sleep Sacks

I sure you love these. Blankets make your baby sleep soundly and feel cozy. There a variety for all seasons. Below are the links-make of your choice.

8. Fitted Crib Sheets

ebay has such fantastic collections. You can check on Quick Zip Sheet. You can get a great choice from there. 

9. Diaper Dekor Plus Diaper Disposal System

baby registry checklist

The best baby registry checklist item to keep your baby room odor-free is Diaper Dekor Plus Diaper Disposal System. It has the capacity to hold hundreds of diapers. You can use anywhere in your room or as regular garbage can after diapers are done.

10. Hampers via pottery barn kids

The beautiful little boho-chic woven hamper is great for your nursery. This one is crafted from durable water hyacinth and lasts well beyond the baby years. They assure about safety and quality. Give a try you must be satisfied with the item.

You must read my best topic-WHEN AND HOW TO STOP BREASTFEEDING?

Feeding Section

11. Bottles

Really these are a small but very useful item for the new mom. Whether you decide to breastfeed or bottle-feed. It’s not possible to available 24 hours around your baby for feeding. Here the bottles are needed.

My favorite bottles are listed below:-

2. Bottle Brush

baby registry checklist

Obviously, we need a bottle brush after bottles for deep cleansing. It’s very important to keep baby’s bottle germ-free. So, I recommend you my favorite brush via dr. Brown’s, OXO tot and Munchkins. Its soft ends easily enter into the bottle and clean it deeply.

3. Pacifiers

There is a range of pacifiers. Don’t buy a bunch of the same brand. But you must try a few brands to see which one your baby prefers like:-

  • NUK
  • Philips Avent Soothie Pacifiers
  • MAM Night Pacifier
  • Playtex Binky Silicone Pacifier

4. Bottle Warmer

You must add as it is an essential baby registry checklist item. When you’re on short on time, these bottle warmers will have baby’s formula or breast milk ready to go. This stylishly designed fast bottle warmer heats up bottles quickly and evenly. Easy to use and can be used to warm baby food.

5. Breast Pump & Accessories

baby registry checklist

A breast pump is an essential tool for the new mom. The only pump allows you to bottle feed, relieve from engorgement, and increase milk supply. I go with the spectra s1 breast pump. Read the topic to know more about SPECTRA S1 Vs S2 – Which one is the best?

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6. Nursing Pillow & Cover

The important baby registry checklist item is the nursing cover. It’s made of lightweight breathable cotton help to not see through. The cover is hand wash easily. You can use it as a breastfeeding scarf, baby carrier cover, and blanket.

The boppy pillow is one of the items you’ll use to bond with your new baby. This one is the perfect pillow for the first year after birth. It’s well designed for lactation purposes. 

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7. High Chair included baby registry checklist

baby registry checklist

You’re going to enter a new phase of life. Maybe spending sleepless nights with the fussy baby, here the high nursing chair provides you great comfort. Here you can find a stylish and comfortable nursing chair.


1. Diapers, Cream & wipes

You know your small baby will create a large mess. That means you need a lot of diapers and wipers. But remember not to buy all of a similar size. Buy a few newborn sizes, a bit more size1 and 2. Pampers or Huggies always a good choice. 

However, you can try organic like Honest, Seventh Generation and Babyganic. It all depends on you. Mom knows better what is good for the baby. The diaper caddy is a must nursery storage bin for all the baby stuff.

2. Bath

Choose the right setting with the help of Puj Infant Tub. The Puj makes bathing easier for a newborn. This baby bathtub is made with foam and can be adjusted to almost any sink.

3. Washcloths & Hooded Towels

baby registry checklist

Bath time is always fun for the baby. Amazon has a large range of baby towels. These towels are made with cotton that is good for baby’s soft skin. These towels can be used as wrappers to provide warmth, security, and comfort to your baby. Other items included are:-

  • soft hooded towels
  • baby-safe body lotion
  • baby soap
  • simple bath toys
  • faucet cover

4. Clothing-baby registry checklist

The main baby registry checklist item is baby clothes in a variety of sizes, as most babies grow rapidly. Remember to buy clothes for all season. Baby has to face all types of weather like summer, winter and rainy.

  • leggings or elastic-waist trousers
  • footed pajamas
  • socks
  • long-sleeve onesies
  • non-footed pajamas
  • burp cloths
  • bibs
  • light sweaters or zip-up hoodies
  • sleep sacks
  • sun hats
  • bathing suits
  • snowsuits
  • soft-sled baby shoes
  • baby-safe laundry detergent

5. Medical Must-Haves baby registry checklist

  • Baby-safe nail trimmer
  • Thermometer
  • Rubbing alcohol pads
  • Saline nasal drops
  • Noise machine
  • Humidifier
  • Nosefrida

6. Travel Items

  • Infant car seat
  • stroller
  • baby carrier
  • Diaper bag
  • Travel crib or Playard

What Not to add to your baby registry checklist

  • Baby wipe warmer-Of course its something you really won’t feel free to add. But these are not so important. Many parents advice not to using they registered for
  • Crib bumpers-Its totally useless as your baby’s crib has just a fitted sheet in it. So, say No to crib bumpers, pillows, blankets or stuffed animals.

End Point 

This is my ultimate baby registry checklist. Get good help with this registry and make your parenting journey easy. You can start your baby registry checklist online with:-

  • Amazon baby registry
  • BaByliss baby registry
  • buy buy baby registry
  • pottery barn kids baby registry
  • target baby registry

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