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What Is A Pick Me Boy, Why Is A Pick me Boy Unattractive For Women? 

While wandering on Tik Tok, you probably discovered videos about a pick me boy or a pick me girl. The “pick me” is a vast and interesting conversation online topic. 

Most Tik Tok videos show the different examples of a pick me boy\girl. But what can a 30-second video tell you about a pick me boy or a pick me girl?

A pick me boy is a hot topic that sometimes makes you laugh out loud. As a pick me boy tries everything to manipulate you emotionally to get your closeness.

What tricks he uses that you’d be willingly ready to keep him close? In this blog post we try to describe funny traps he uses to keep close her favourite woman. I know, now you’re super curious to know about a pick me boy.


The above line, “pick me boy”, defines that a boy wants you to pick him. Lol! He wants to be around his favourite woman without putting much effort and qualities. 

Usually, when a pick me boy likes a woman and wants to keep her around, he starts using his cunning wits to show how miserable he’s that no one likes him! He leaves no stone unturned to humiliate himself.

Even he tries to put himself down to get a girl. In the beginning, you also pity him; it’s his trick in which any woman get trapped.

What is the definition of a pickme boy?

what is a pick me boy?

Pick me boy is a guy who shows in front of women that no one likes that, poor guy. And he uses self-deprecation to stay around the women.

He shows his weakness and helplessness as the ladies take pity on him and keep him with them. In this way, he gets the company of his favorite woman.

I’ll explain to you in a conversation how he manipulates the woman he likes!

“No one likes me because I think I’m not handsome.” 

Probably, he knows the answer that a woman would give him,

“Oh! My pity, boy, don’t think so; you’re handsome. I will offer you a date!!

But self-deprecation is not the only way for a pick-me person to get attention; there are many more like:- Pick me boy tries to get attention by drawing other men down.

 How? I’ll elaborate.

He says other men are skilled players and can easily trap and date any lady. But he doesn’t know the cunning traps, he describes himself a gentleman even nobody likes him.

For example, he says about other men:-

  • “That person knows how to screw a woman. And I don’t know how to trap a woman, so I don’t get much attention from women.”

Can you understand the pick-me-boy mindset of how he is weaving a web to trap a partner into his love? Nowadays, pick me girl is also trending like pick me boy.

Like pick me girl starter pack, pick me boy also comes with a starter pack.

Why do most women think to pick me, boy, is unattractive?

The exciting fact about pick me boy is that he’s one with less confidence and doesn’t know if a girl likes him. 

Just think about a backbencher who sits lonely with an innocent face. Because he knows the sad face makes girls sympathize with him. And his only motive is for girls to talk to him and keep him around.

To understand modern dating trends, you must know all the glossaries of contemporary dating. 

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Here are a few more elements he use to get closer to his favorite woman:-

  • Self Pity 
  • Approval Seeking Behaviour 
  • Resentment
  • Jealousy
  • Special Snowflake Syndrome
  • Insecure
  • Low on confidence

A modern and confident woman dislikes the above traits; she always needs a secure and fun guy who entertains her with genuine humor.

Why is a pick-me boy’s behavior a turnoff?

According to Urban Dictionary, “pick me.”

Below are a few reasons:-

Showy & Insecure

Usually, a pick me the boy is showy and insecure why. I call them showy because they present themselves as feminists. But they never focus on her needs and talk about their self-consciousness only.

Being selfish, the pick-me boys never make a solid bond with anyone. And very soon, women understood their traits and left them alone permanently.


Usually, pick-me boys are self-centred and try their best to show themselves differently. Hence they spend a lot of energy focusing on themselves.

Self-centeredness is unattractive itself, and no woman likes it. Because it never helps to create a strong bond and long relationship with any woman.

Pick me boys are self-centred, so their relationships are not very firm; soon, women catch their traits and leave them alone forever.


H tends to be needy and urges that he’s different so women like him. And this way, a pick-me boy seeks validation from his favourite woman and wants her approval. 

No women like these needy behaviours that people hypnotise and enter into their lives.

Behave poorly to show himself as different

He behave poorly to show themselves different from other men. 

A pick-me boy “telling” rather than “showing” that he’s different in all aspects, and his wrong behaviour of putting other men down irritates any woman. This wrong behaviour is enough to turn women off.

Because secure and confident men never tell themselves that they are better, but their actions keep them different from others.


A pick-me-boy and a pick-me-girl are great manipulators. He turns his guilt-tripping into fast approval.

They tell you honestly what they are feeling and how nice they are to other guys. They do all that proves them a gentleman.

How do you spot a pick-me guy?

  • A pick-me boy put himself down
  • Pick me boys and pick me girls are expert manipulators
  • A pick me girl and pick me boy are super clingy
  • He’s a fake feminists
  • A pick-me boy and a pick-me girl are self-righteous
  • Pick me boys and pick me girls get aggressive when Rejected
  • Pick me up; a boy is too needy.

How to know that you’re a pick-me boy?

  • Are you jealous when a confident man tries to attract your favorite woman? 
  • Have you ever tried to show that you are a feminist, but you’re not? Because you want to trap your favorite woman?
  • Have you ever shown your kind heart and innocence to attract a woman, and after rejection, you got aggressive?

Being a pick-me boy isn’t a bad thing!

Many guys between us are pick me boys and me girls. But it is not an insult. 

I think pick me boys and pick me girls are more sensitive than us. And want to draw attention through their sensitive behaviour.

He markets himself in a specific manner that a woman keeps him around.

Picking me, boy doesn’t want to put honest efforts into winning a woman’s heart. They want to get their desire fulfilled without doing much. 

How to stop being a pick-me boy?

Be confident

Confident men are never self-deprecating. They never beg for love or compliments and never speak poorly of themselves. A confident man never self-doubts as a pick-me boy tends to compare with other men.

If you want to gain some confidence, then focus on what you are doing to gain compliments from women.

How To Be Confident?

Firstly, stop marketing yourself and saying good things about yourself because every person has qualities and bad qualities. It would help if you thought about your good qualities and what you can do best.

You may be a good friend or a good listener, or you have a good fashion sense. You may have a sense of humour. 

Your qualities are good traits; you must use them correctly to attract your favorite partner. And if you’re a true feminist, don’t use the feminism quality in a self-righteous manner.

Stop comparing yourself with others.

Are you comparing yourself with other men? Maybe you’re feeling insecure. First, stop comparing yourself with others and think more about yourself, not others.

If you continue comparing yourself with others, your partner may leave you alone because she becomes irritated with your cheap traits.

It’s human nature always to be envious of others, no matter how successful we are!

The bad habit of comparing ourselves with others makes us sick and unsecure.

Here are effective strategies that help you to stop comparing yourself with other men.

  • Always remember that dating isn’t a zero-sum game.
  • You can enter swarms of fish in the sea with your oxygen tank, flippers, and swimsuit to attract your favourite one.
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