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Power pumping

I know as a new mom, you’ll always worried about your breast milk supply! It’s all natural that nursing moms wonder whether their milk supply is adequate or not. Is baby getting enough milk or not? If you’re one of them – needs to boost your supply – power pumping might help.

Before starting power pumping, there are few things to keep in mind as to why there might be a drop in your milk supply or other ways of increasing supply?

power pumping


Supply and Demand

As a new mom your milk supply can be vary over time and over the course of the day your milk supply can wax and wane, over weeks and months, it can change as well.

If you’re nursing on demands without using any other supplement or pumping, Then your supply adjust itself as per demand of your baby. But if you’re doing combination of nursing and pumping, the supply of milk can be trickier for variety of reasons.

Your baby’s latch is more effective than any pump, it’s more difficult to maintain breast milk supply with the help of pumping.

If you’re a full time nursing mom and wants to build up a freezer stash for an upcoming short separation, it might be difficult as well. If you’re nursing your baby regularly, pump just “extra” milk.

You have to pump several times to get enough milk for one feeding and it’s quite normal. In your starting days of nursing your supply is pretty good for few weeks or months.

Once your baby gets into a routine your milk supply regulates itself. Sometimes might be it decrease due to ovulation and menstruation. Hormones play a major role for decreasing the milk supply.

A few other things also there like sickness, alcoholic beverages, some kind of stress, lack of sleep, not taking sufficient fluids and not consuming enough calories.

All these factors can affect your milk supply. It’s easy to fall behind these reasons and unwillingly can decrease the milk supply but these can be easily fixed or accounted for.

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What is Power pumping?

If you have a double electric breast pump and you’re wanting to boost your milk supply, you may heard about power pumping which means to give your supply a nudge. It’s same as cluster feeding, same like your baby nurses very frequently which help your body to produce more milk.

Sit for an uninterrupting hour to perform power pumping. You can do it in the morning time since most women’s milk supply is better than evening. You are more energetic and fresh in the morning time.

But if you’re nursing than first complete your nursing session. In pumping hour you could follow:

  • Pump for 20 minutes, rest for 10 minutes or
  • pump for 10 minutes and rest for 10 minutes
  • lastly pump for 10 minutes

For the rest of the day follow your nursing routine. Some women do this twice a day but once a day is sufficient. When you start it you will see the result within 3 to 4 days. This is not valid for all women. Some women see result within seven days. And for others its totally useless. They don’t see any benefit of power pumping.

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Other ways to increase milk supply

In addition to power pumping or cluster pumping, there are several other ways to potentially increase your milk supply:

  1. If you nurse more frequently.
  2. Nurse your baby on one side and pump on the other side.
  3. Make sure to pump for two to five minutes after seeing drops of the milk.
  4. Breast massage or compression can help to increase milk supply.
  5. Try to use a larger pump flange.
  6. Eat protein rich foods and drink enough fluids.
  7. Supplement with fenugreek but before consult your doctor if this is safe or not.

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Things to consider

Power pumping might not help to all women. There are lot of reasons your milk supply might be slow or run low as I mentioned above. If you’re nursing and pumping in addition then it might be fine with supply.

Again I repetting that your baby is more effective than any other power pumping. If your are suffering from low supply then visit your doctor and find a good lactation consultant, make an appointment to see if there is any other problem with your milk supply. He can recommend you a better subsequent.         

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