11 Things I Should Have Done Before My Baby Arrived

by manthananam.erem

We all love a new sweet little addition to the family, but managing life with two kids has never been easy! The lack of rest and sleep, balancing a newborn with a preschooler, scheduling time for both the kids and making sure everyone’s stomach is full by the end of the day – it is not easy!

baby arrived

baby arrived
baby arrived
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baby arrived

When I remember the days I was pregnant, I wish I should’ve done or prepared a lot of things while I was still pregnant. I procrastinated a lot of tasks I must not have which end up coming right up at my face while I was in active labor. 

It would have definitely been better if I had done these 11 things I should have done before my baby arrived. I hope what I’m gonna tell you will help you go through an easier time while preparing a pretty baby. 

11 Things I Should Have Done Before My Baby Arrived 

1. Meal Plan

Meal planning is really a Bitxh once the baby arrived because he requires all of your attention in its initial time. Though I started working on meal planning during my third trimester, it didn’t take much time for me to realize there’s no way I could meal plan with a newborn baby!

Why? Because cooking and meal planning requires a stove which ain’t no way you can use since it isn’t safe with the baby. Other than that, many meals you must prepare are time-consuming.

I suggest you prepare some quick and easy meal plans before your baby arrived. And to make it even easier, use this cookbook “The Healthy Pregnancy”!

baby arrived

Basically, The Healthy Pregnancy is a nutrition guide and a cookbook made focusing on pregnant women and newbie moms. It offers real healthy recipes and super easy meal plans to nourish the mama and baby! 

You can get this useful cookbook for less than $10 on Amazon. Click here to buy it now! 

2. Deep Clean 

What do I mean by deep cleaning? Like cleaning yourself, your room or what? 

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The meaning is simple, I should have deep cleaned the whole house before giving birth to my baby because you can’t mop, wash and scrub when you have a newborn. What’s more essential than deep cleaning is sleeping, to be honest. 

Anyway, you don’t get to do either! I couldn’t clean my house and avoid infections, but you still have time. Though if you’re in your third trimester, what I suggest here is hiring someone who could clean your house in a budget 🙂 

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3. Organizing Everything 

Clearing clutter ASAP is the most crucial thing to do! It doesn’t take much time for the house to become a mess once the baby is born. As for me, it was Christmas when I was in my third trimester and 15-20 days away from giving birth.

Imagine having to organize stuff right after Christmas while your baby can pop out any damn moment! We should have organized the house or asked someone for help. I suggest you clear all that clutter before your newborn is here!

4. Freezer Meals 

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No one truly thinks how hard cooking is going to be with a newborn. Like I didn’t have any idea what I was getting myself into! I guess I was being ignorant in thinking that I’d have too much time since all my baby’s gonna do is sleep. 

Well, lol on my mind to think that! I suggest your meal prep as many casseroles as possible and put them into your freezer. 

5. Grocery Shopping 

Grocery shopping is truly a pain in the “A$$” when you have a newborn to take care of. Like it’s already a pain without a baby, I can’t even imagine it again with my baby. What you can do is, maybe ask your neighbor or if you have a family member living anywhere near, it’s much better! 

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Other than that, here are some grocery chains in the United States that deliver: 

  • Ebates 
  • Walmart Grocery Delivery 
  • Ibotta 
  • Amazon Fresh 

6. Date Nights 

Life after giving birth doesn’t help the relationship with your husband because all of your attention is attracted to your little one. You might find yourself in a position where you’re arguing with your partner most of the time. 

For what reasons? Tiredness. Frustration. Overwhelming situations. 

baby arrived

Taking your relationship for granted never works no matter what stage you’re on! A little bonding before you’re in labor should not be an option, it must be a choice! It helps strengthen your connection with him. 

I and my husband didn’t think about it once and I regret it a little. We must have had some good days together which would have possibly resulted in good communication in my fourth trimester. 

I suggest you take care of your baby and also your husband because that’s what we women do, take care of whom we love. Quality time spent with your loved one is the best thing ever, trust me on this one! 

7. Stocking up on Essentials 

This is something I took care of. I’m mentioning this point because it’s important!

Stocking up on stuff that you’re going to need every day and every hour is a smart thing to do. If you don’t, you’ll end up running around streets for stuff you need. Imagine not having diapers, going out to buy some, and it turns out to be a Black Friday.

A Black Friday 🙂

It’s gonna be one hell of a poop house lol. Here are some things or items I think you must stock up on before your baby has arrived: 

  • Wipes
  • Diapers
  • Frozen food
  • Toilet Paper
  • Snacks
  • Boxed Food
  • Baby care items

8. Take Maternity Photos!

Never ever let the idea that virtual life is shit, enjoy the real-life mess with your head. I’ve heard many people saying, “Don’t capture the moments, Live them”. 

Yes, it is true until some point, but I believe taking pictures (not many) of important moments is the best thing to do. Because you’ll live them once without pictures, but you can live them a thousand times with pictures. 

What I did not do is have a cute photoshoot with my belly and my husband when there was still time. I feel like getting pregnant again to have that photoshoot! *sighs*

I guess you should do it without a second thought. Even if they aren’t Instagram-worthy shots, make sure you have a few nice and sweet pictures which you can later enjoy with your kids and family. 

baby arrivedRelated image

9. Taking care of yourself 

Getting a manicure and pedicure done before going into labor is an essential thing for you. As for me, I so much wanted to get a haircut done before giving birth but it couldn’t happen for some reason. Now, I regret it since absolutely no time I could get for myself.

So if you’re pregnant at the time, I definitely suggest you get some time out to pamper yourself before your baby arrives.  

10. Postpartum Wardrobe 

I am damn sure you didn’t think about this either. You must realize, you’re gonna get rid of that big belly once your baby is out and crying. I didn’t have anything to wear after my delivery and spent most of the time wearing yoga pants and pajama. 

I suggest you shop a little for your postpartum wardrobe right now because you won’t be having time to shop later on. Some of my wardrobe essentials below:

  • Before buying anything, make sure you have filtered down clothes that you can still use from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe!
  • Get some jeans but make sure they are a couple sizes bigger than your pre-pregnancy size. 
  • If you love to move around freely all the time just like me, there’s nothing better than yoga pants.
  • Nursing tanks and nursing bra

11. Waterproof Bed Pad 

This bed is going to be useful for both you and your baby! Well, not because you pee in bed but because your water might break while you’re asleep and the amniotic fluid would ruin it all. So instead of being nervous to fall asleep as your due date is near, invest in a waterproof bed pad. 

This Sleepyhead Bamboo Terry Waterproof Mattress is your best bet here. It’s 78 x 60 in dimensions and perfect for a queen-size bed! Get it on Amazon using this link.

End Point

So basically, these are all things I wish I had done before my baby arrived! If you’re a soon-to-be mom, make sure you follow the tips given in this post effectively. And if you’re a mom reading this, make sure to comment below if I missed something. 

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