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Why pump your Breast milk?

Pumping Breastmilk resolves 100s of complications that a woman faces during post-pregnancy in one go. If I were allowed to brag I would say, breastmilk pumping is like a God in the pregnancy world. Haha. Modern problems have modern solutions, don’t they?

As a woman, I have never wished to leave work or put a hold to it but we weren’t acknowledged with the term back then. You present recent mamas hella lucky. haha. By the same token, working isn’t the only reason why one might need ‘Breastmilk pumping’. There have been situations with strong grounds that need immediate breast pumping actions.

For instances,

  • The biggest priority being the latching ability of the baby.  Hence, Breastmilk pumping!
  • Breastmilk pumping helps mamas to unload the breastmilk. As a result… protecting themselves form clogged ducts and diseases like mastitis. 
  • Beautifully, some mothers love to donate breast milk, what helps them with it? Spell with me… Pumping Breast milk.

Just like that, there are many other circumstances that require pumping. 

How to Pump your Breast milk?

Trust me, pumping breastmilk is no rocket science. Just start the engine and you are the tech-mom. To start with, pumping might seem like a lengthy and slow process but is worth every ounce. In short, a breast pump isn’t equal to the baby and hence won’t give away the same stimuli to our body. 

The keyword is “be patient”. It starts to pick a pace once your body gets used to the stimulation, say, four days max. Now that we have concluded all the whys, let’s get to the HOW. Take a breathe and let’s dive in!


Right Timing

First pumping lands you few drops and there is nothing to worry about. Once it becomes a habit for you and your breasts, we are good to go. For your first session with pumping, do it for 15 minutes max and keep up with the schedule for better stimulation.

To find the right timing isn’t a hard thing to do. There are many suitable timings, you just need to find which one’s yours. Some go with pumping right after they feed their baby since the stimulation is still on because of the baby’s touch and warmth, it isn’t hard for the pump to get a hold. While other moms prefer to pump one hour after they feed their baby. 

Try all the timings and I’m certain you will find yours and get it in your schedule and lifestyle. Scheduling it helps the body to stimulate itself according to the time and arrangement. Make sure to pump as often as you can it helps you away from clogged ducts. 

Length of sessions for pump your breast


pump your breast milk

Once the pumping starts working and the milk flow starts, you can easily get down to the next step: Tailoring your pumping session. Depending on how much milk secretion happens in one go and how often it happens you can map out your pattern. This said and done, while all the mothers have a different pattern, yours will be the same each time you do it.

Now to note down your pattern, try to observe when does it start milking and when does the secretion stops.  Usually, it takes 10 minutes max to unload your breast off milk completely but it can also depend on how much milk secretion you go one day. Not that it would make a big difference. Just a fluctuation of a few minutes is all.


Comfort comes first

pump your breast milk

Know that your milk outflows better when your body is at ease. When I say ease, I mean in all directions. Discomfort hinders the release of oxytocin which results in zero milk secretion and we don’t want that, do we? I say you choose a place that makes you feel the peace, somewhere close to nature, will do you a great deed. Fresh air, natural aroma, the soft wind… ikr.

Next thing, before you settle down… don’t forget to keep the necessities close to you; food, water or anything that you might need. This way, you won’t have to get up and will avoid disturbing the process. Now, settle yourself down on a comfy couch with whatever number of pillow you need. Make sure your back, hands and your posture is best supported and comfortable.

My advice, use the pumping bra. It supports the pumps without you having to hold it. If pumping bra for some reasons isn’t available, take your nipple between your thumb and your index finger, support the breast with the rest remaining fingers and your palm. Make sure to not press too hard for it might block your mill secretion.

Hygiene a must

pump your breast milk

Make Hygiene your first and foremost priority to keep yourself and the baby healthy and away from the diseases. Some measure always washes your hands before and after you pump. Sanitize the equipment once in a day and keep them to dry off completely. 

Store the milk and the machine in a clean place, away from people or dirt for healthy pump feeding and collecting.

How to pump your breast-Double Pumping

pump your breast milk

Double pumping comes with many extra favors, one being extra milk production. Yes, the scientific notation for it is, once a mother starts double pumping, the level of milk-producing hormone Prolactin level rises which result in extra yielding of milk. 

Researches have also noted down, double pumping increases the quality of the milk with a higher amount of fat content. I suggest going double pumping if you are opting to pump regularly. It gives double the result. Win-win situation, is it not?

Baby Touch

pump your breast milk

Studies show having the baby close to you increases the milk secretion. The warmth of the baby makes the secrete oxytocin hormone which in turn secretes more milk. Some have gone as far as to feed the baby with one of their breasts and the other to pump the milk and to our surprise, it works! 

Doctors suggest, if not the baby, you can keep close their photos or videos, it turns out to be good, too. If your baby is not around or is sleeping, you can use the video or their belonging to have your body secrete oxytocin. 

The design of these modern pumps comes with something similar, having two modes:  Stimulation mode and Expression mode. Stimulation mode helps secrete, it usually stays for a minute or so and then you switch to the expression mode for the milk to start flowing. 

Also, know what vacuum works for you. To experiment, check all the level and when it starts to get uncomfortable, take a step down and you are done!



Do not rush, take it slow. Rushing would make you conscious and result in affecting the milk supply badly. It is normal to not secrete milk in the starting days of your pumping. The process shows success gradually, you and your baby can make it happen! hurray.

This was the end of how to Pump your breast milk. If you have similar experiences, share them with us in the comment section down below! Concluding it here, till the time… 






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