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Tummy Time Activities

What Is Tummy Time Activities?

As a new parent, it is a different concept for you. But it’s ok. We all are aware slowly about parenthood. Tummy Time Activities as it sounds – your baby spends on his tummy. Your baby feels more comfortable on his bottom then belly.

Tummy Time Activities

Between naps and night sleep, your baby spends as many as 14 to 15 hours a day on his back. How does he feel? He may feel burn sensation, itching, and irritation by laying on back the whole day. Isn’t? As a mother, we try to give all the necessary care to our love.

Tummy Time Activities are the most important part of motherhood. To make our child strong and active, these are the must activities. These strengthen your baby’s neck and core apart it less likely that he’ll develop with a flat spot on his head.

Tummy Time Activities

Tummy Time Activities
Tummy Time Activities
Tummy Time Activities
Tummy Time Activities
Tummy Time Activities
Tummy Time Activities

It’s totally valid that the baby is sleeping on his back. As we want to keep our baby healthy and safe. But when mothers are sleeping unconsciously they put their babies onto the backs in the middle of the night, but you know naughty babies take advantage of it and always sleep on their bellies and they feel comfortable. 

Just a few minutes of Tummy Time Activities in a day will help your baby to improve his motor skills. Tummy Time Activities Help your baby to roll over, crawling and playing. 

A variety of toys, positions, and routine are there which keep your baby spending a significant amount of time on his stomach. Whether he likes it or not (very first they feel it difficult to do), but it is very crucial to practice lifting his head and pushing up from the ground. 


Tummy Time Activities


Now I am narrating about how to tummy time? according to an article on WebMD, you have to keep this process very simple. First, place your baby on a soft mat on the flat floor when he is awake. Keep a few soft toys around him to engage him to wiggle and scoot.

Another tool to make our process success is the tummy time pillow. If your baby is disabled to hold her head up for a long time place a pillow under her chest to help him get a better view and support during tummy time. Now he’ll feel comfortable while he’s on tummy-side down.

How Long And How Often 

Tummy Time Activities

As a mother we’ve all had a fear, will my baby reach the milestone in time? Am I giving him the right milestone? It all is obvious for a New-be-mom. But nothing to worry. Tummy Time Activities can give you a sense of security.

You’ll start Tummy Time Activities for your baby with a small time duration. Very first put your baby for a few minutes on his belly. This is when your baby begins to gain strength in his neck and as he becomes habitual, you can spend up to 15 to 25minutes tummy time for every day. 

If your baby is fussy, try five minutes at a time and do this activity three times per day. It is a very important activity until your baby learns to walk because his neck, abdominal and back muscles are continually developing.

Add this in your routine:-

Tummy Time Activities

Carry or hold your baby in a position that his belly is down in your palms, by supporting the head and chest. Once your baby gets older and stronger won’t need to give as much support. He well tried to do by himself.

As practice is going on, your baby will learn to develop more strength throughout the body and better motor skills. The first milestone of the baby is rolling over.

Make him healthy with only your breastmilk. Read the topic:-

Very soon your newborn becomes healthy with breastfeeding and could come much sooner to cross the hurdles of tummy time. He learned very fast and overcome all the difficulties of activities.

Now Switch Up Your Routine 

Tummy Time Activities

If your baby tired by laying on the belly side, maybe he started crying. then by laying him across your lap, tummy down. Soothe him by petting on his back and by gently roll him from side to side as you put on his tiny clothes.

With your support and continue practice of Tummy Time Activities the baby will start to hold his head up at around two months and he’ll continue to strengthen his neck and shoulder muscles.

Add this in your routine – Keep baby on his tummy after bathing and gently massage him from head to toe to stimulate the little muscles.

Turns Head To The Side 

Tummy Time Activities

Finally, your efforts make good results – Now he’s trying to lift his head. He starting to get curious about to see the new and bright world around him. Make his efforts success with bright toys and fun noises. Try your best that his curiosity will increase to look up and up!

When you make some noises he turns his head left, right and again left. Use different noises like jingles or rattles and make sounds like coos to help his practice turning his head from side to side. Make his tummy time positions fun with playmat designed with colors, textures, and light to keep her entertained.

Your baby holds this position for a few seconds. He can raise his head to a forty-five-degree angle for enjoying the view. Tummy Time Activities allow the baby to begin his growth and become a strong toddler.

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Stretch Legs 

Tummy Time Activities

Now It’s the perfect time to stretch the legs of your baby. First set free of his tightly cuddle to extend his chubby legs. Now he is free to move his legs and wiggles those toes.

You can observe that your baby starts to do this when he’s playing or interacting with others. Freeing legs means he will become more curious to reach for toys or his sister’s pigtails.

Holds Chest Up 

Tummy Time Activities

In his 3 to 4 months your baby can hold his head a bit higher than before. Now he can lift his head up to ninety degrees off the floor. Encourage your baby to reach for new toys then parents. Now your baby making efforts to reach for toys by supporting himself on one hand while he reaches with the other hand.

What If Baby Hate Tummy Time! 

If your baby dislikes or refuses tummy time, then there are many other techniques you can try to make the process more enjoyable for baby. After all your baby is the first priority for you. A happy baby means a happy mom! Am I right!

Other Activities:-

  • After feeding and burping, place baby belly down on your lap.
  • Put the baby on your chest and massage him comfortably.
  • Give him a gentle massage when you put on and off his clothes.
  • Feed your baby with the spoon coming in from the different directions for encouraging him to swivel his little neck.
  • Carry baby facing away from you so he can see the colorful world around him.

What to Expect 

Look for monthly physical development milestones with Tummy Time Activities:-

  1. Month 2: Begins to show improvement in neck control.
  2. Month 3: He can hold his neck up to 45 degrees above the floor.
  3. Month 4: Now he can lift his head up to 90 degrees and can sit with the support of his hands.
  4. Month 5 to 6: Baby starts to roll from front to back, and beginning to sit with while propping himself with one arm.
  5. Month 7 to 8: Baby tries to get up on his hands and knees and might even begin to crawl.
  6. Month 9 to 10: Now your baby is enough strong and gaining independence, he can now stand by holding furniture and can take his first step.

Tummy Time Activities

Congratulation for his first step. These are joyful moments for any mother throughout the world. His offspring are now becoming a strong toddler. 

Hope you like my efforts and you’ve got a better understanding of Tummy Time Activites. Help other moms by sharing your experience of Tummy Time in the comments box. Thanks for reading.





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