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 For New-be-mom’s first four to six weeks of breastfeeding are critical to making breastfeeding journey successful. Mostly, all first-time moms worry about their milk supply. Because moms want to establish a strong and healthy supply of breast milk to satisfy their baby’s hunger. So, today’s is topic –  INCREASE BREASTMILK SUPPLY- With These 14 Natural Ways.

But before we indulge deeper in the topic let’s know what are the major causes of low breastmilk supply? The main problem is a poor latch or scheduled feeding. Don’t feel bad, we can fix this problem quickly with some excellent ways How to increase breastmilk supply naturally?

For the vast majority of mothers, there is nothing wrong with their breasts. It doesn’t matter if your breasts are small or big in size. All types of breasts are capable to produce sufficient milk for feeding newborns.

Many soon-be-moms worry about baby’s health which causes many unwanted thoughts, like are my breastmilk enough for my baby? am I even able to nurse my baby correctly and all sorts? But being a mother for the first time, it’s natural to worry. Don’t fret, mummies! You can always overcome these problems just by applying these natural efforts.

Starting tip, one of the best ways to increase the milk supply of your breast is to keep on nursing your tiny one. Offer your breasts whenever your baby demands it. Only your baby can help you produce more milk by latching it more and more.

Luckily for all soon-be-moms, there are a few tips to help INCREASE BREASTSMILK SUPPLY WITH-These 14 Natural Ways.




14 Possible Ways to Naturally Increase Breastmilk Supply (1)
14 Possible Ways to Naturally Increase Breastmilk Supply (1)
14 Possible Ways to Naturally Increase Breastmilk Supply (1)

1. How will You know that You’re producing sufficient breasts milk?

The best way to know about your milk supply is by checking if your baby is gaining weight steadily or not. In the starting days, your baby might lose weight, but once you start to breastfeed, the baby would start putting on weight.

Some signs which indicate that your baby is getting enough milk:-

  • Breastfeeding is comfortable and painless.
  • Your newborn is feeding at least 8 to 10 times a day.
  • You can hear your baby’s swallow while he is feeding.
  • Your baby put off your breast nipple spontaneously when he is full.
  • Your baby is pooping several times a day or once a week, both situations are normal.

2. Be available 24/7 for your baby

In most cases, if a mother is suspected with low milk supply, the real problem is not how much milk she can produce but how much the baby can get in. Make sure your baby is latching well.

Don’t ever think of using formulas or other supplements, it is not going to help you increase your milk production up, but instead, would resulting in downing it down. The only way to increase your milk supply is to feed your baby many times a day. The more your baby feeds on your milk, the more milk your breasts will produce.

Provide the baby skin-to-skin touch to help your body produce oxytocin… which helps to increase your breastmilk supply. skin-to-skin encourages baby to latch more often.

If the problem still stays and you are still worried about your baby’s weight then it is better to talk to your doctor. He will give you better advice and treatment as required.

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3. Eat and drink more to increase breastmilk supply

The milk production depends on whether you were a healthy BMI or underweight before pregnancy. If you were at a healthy weight or underweight before pregnancy, you might be suggested to eat a little more than usual to meet the calories needed for breastfeeding.

On the other hand, if you were overweight before pregnancy and did put on the expected weight during pregnancy, You might not need extra calories at all.

As guided by your appetite, eat when you’re hungry. Your body is efficiently able to increase breastmilk as your body has laid down fat stores during pregnancy.

Drink enough water to satisfy your thirst while you’re breastfeeding. Drinking lots of water, it won’t affect your milk supply. Your body is enough capable to keep your milk supply going well.

If you feel thirsty while breastfeeding, it might be due to the releases of the hormone oxytocin. So, keep a glass of water close to you, so that you can replenish yourself whenever needed. Of course, drinking loads of water will make you pee a lot. But hold your calm… it is going to pass, too.

4. Recommendation of some food items to increase breasts milk

Although these are very limited and no scientific researchers proving the forth. But these have been served for generations to the lactating mothers and mothers do feel these have helped them a great deal.

You can consume these food items with your balanced diet. You can consult with your doctor and can take his advice about these herbs and natural supplements before started to consume them.

Fenugreek seeds (Methi):-

Fenugreek seeds have been consumed for generations around the world to increase breastmilk supply. It is a good source of omega-3 fats which is essential for the development of your baby’s brain.

Fennel Seed (Saunf):-

Fennel seeds are another traditional way to increase the Breastmilk supply. They also prevent gas and colic in your baby. Fennel seeds are capable to ease tummy upsets and help in digestion, So, the logic is that you can pass on the benefits of fennel to your baby through breastfeeding.

Sesame seeds (Til):-

Sesame seeds are a rich source of calcium. Calcium is very important for your baby’s development as well as for your own health. These are a non-dairy source of calcium.

Holy Basil Leaves (Tulsi):-

Holy basil tea is a traditional beverage for breastfeeding moms. It is believed that holy basil improves bowel movements and promotes a healthy appetite.

Pulses or lentils can increase breastmilk supply

Pulses are a rich source of proteins, iron, and fiber especially red lentils which can improve milk supply in any feeding mother.

Nuts and dried fruits:-

Almonds and cashews help to boost breastmilk supply as they are high in calories, vitamins, and minerals and also provide energy and nutrients.

Oats and porridge:-

It is traditionally believed that if you’re consuming enough oats and porridge during the lactational period, you are going to make a healthy nursing mother. Oats and porridge provide iron, calcium, fiber, and vitamin B, which also eases your anxiety and depression.

Along with this garlic, spinach, gourd family, dill seeds – and lots more help you to increase your milk supply. Adding these valuable and nutritious substances in your diet makes your breast milk supply work efficiently.

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5. About breast massage to increase breastsmilk

Soft breast massage might not increase your milk supply but can help to open blocked ducts, loosening lumps or loosening harden areas of breast and can reduce the risk of mastitis. You can massage your breasts because you would know better what kind of problem you are facing than anyone else.

6. Sleep, sleep and sleep help to increase breastmilk supply

Try to take good sleep! Good sleep? Pregnancy? Do not go around, do they now? I know right, the first month of being a Mumma, a sleepless nightmare! Your newborn does not allow you to take a sound sleep, he needs you all day! Aah, such love! (Sarcasm)

So, just get the help of your hubby, your mother, or from your sister to take a quick nap which is a must for better milk production.

7. feed more

No matter how often you are out, the feed is a must! Feel no shame while feeding your baby in the public areas, it is all-natural and needed. If you are uncomfortable feeding in public, pick a trick, and use a good nursing cover which makes you comfortable to feed in public places. You can get a nursing cover from COVERED GOODS which is very versatile and makes it easy to feed anywhere you want without any hesitation.

8. Visit a Lactation Consultant

Lactation consultant helps you with all the problems you might be facing while feeding your toddler. It can either be latching difficulties or troubled nursing or low milk production.

They will also help you with lessons on how to feed the baby with minimum trouble and besides, will also help you plan out a beneficiary data predicting issues concerning your baby such as not gaining enough weight or your baby’s ability to latch.

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9. Evaluate Your Baby’s Latch

Make sure that your baby is latching well on both your breasts correctly. It is the most efficient way to increase breastmilk supply.

A poor latching is often the main reason for poor breast milk supply. However, when your baby is latching correctly and draining all the milk from your breasts, it stimulates your breasts to produce more milk.

10. Use Breast compression 

It is a beautiful technique that is used to help the baby take in more breast milk while feeding.

It’s also an easy way to remove breast milk. (Through a breast pump)

If your child is emptying your breasts himself then there is no need for BreastPump and you don’t need to use breast compression, either.

But if you have a sleepy baby or a newborn who’s not an active nurser, then breast compression can keep your extra flowing breast milk safely and your baby can feed on it later.

11. Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

You may not notice but it is true that some of the things which you might be doing every day are affecting your breast milk supply more than you know.

These things can interrupt your breast milk supply like, smoking, taking the combination of birth control pills, stress, and fatigue.

So leave all these weird things and you sure as hell will be able to increase breastmilk supply naturally.

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12. Try to keep your baby awake

After taking birth, some newborns are drowsy and sleepy because they think that they are still in your cozy womb.

13. Drink Plenty of Fluids

Breast milk is made up of 90% water, so don’t forget to drink enough fluids every day. Drinking enough water and other fluids like milk, fruit juices, or tea and coffee are enough to keep you hydrated & increase breast milk supply.

If you feel dizzy sometimes that means you might not be drinking enough fluids.

14. Believe in Yourself

We all mothers are enough capable of supplying sufficient milk to our babies. If your baby is showing signs of getting enough breast milk, that means you’re doing your best.

Keep having a check with your doctor, or a lactation consultant or other mothers who’re breastfeeding for good-health-confirmation. The positive reviews can ease and keep you going on the right track. Don’t forget to write your breastfeeding journey in the comment box to help soon-be-moms.





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