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What happens with your body after birth process?

I was super duper happy with my first child, but when I looked myself in the mirror, OMG! and was shocked to my core. I was denied entirely of all my happiness when took account of my appearance & changes in my body after birth. Was I satisfied by the phrase ‘Happily ever after giving birth?’ POSTPARTUM OUTCOMES-HOW BODY CHANGES AFTER BIRTH PROCESS.


No, not at all.

Many weird changes occurred in my body after giving birth the first time. But nobody before told me about these unacceptable changes. I had no idea that all of this is gonna happen after giving birth! I had lost all my modern values after the birth process.

But what happened with me will not be a problem for you. Why? Because I wasn’t aware of these changes but you’ll be aware of all that is going to occur after you give the birth first time! Do you want to know what are these changes? Yes, of course, you want to know. Let’s ready to know what happens after the birth process.

About Me

The lady standing all baggy in front of the mirror was me. This encourages me to write this post which might help you out with the undesired post-baby-birth-symptoms- postpartum outcomes.

Taking care of your body before the birth process will help you attain this serendipity and I’m here sharing my own experience what was happened to me after the birth process.

 I swear those changes were so freaking, they still give me creeps (just thinking about them). How did I look like in those days? I had lost my beauty and figure! So let’s not let you go through it alone.

Why these changes occur-postpartum outcomes

Happily after giving birth

It’s undesirable to tell you about all this stuff, as you’re going to soon-be-a-mom. But it’s essential to tell about changes and discomforts are regular course after giving birth.

I’m not going to make you all scared, my intention is to aware of these problems which I faced after the birth process. It will make you laugh after knowing all postpartum outcomes.

So, just keep an eye on your health problems, make sure they aren’t out of the syllabus. Read this stuff calmly don’t worry as you’re going to be a mom the first time. Only go through all of these points, and prepare yourself physically as well as mentally for postpartum outcomes that are gonna occur to you!


1. You will be suffering a heavy flow in periods

Happily after giving birth

No matter how you give birth, with C-section or natural birth, you must have heavy postpartum bleeding. This massive flow of bleeding with thick sludge is known as lochia it sounds about as appealing as it is (kidding, appalling, it is!)

How long does Lochia remain?

This irritating lochia remains with us, for a minimum of 2 -3 weeks or can stay as long as for 6 -7 weeks after birth.

After giving birth your hospital provides you giant-sized Thunderpads. You can’t use tampons to make yourself feel free in heavy flow, as these may introduce some types of bacteria into your healing uterus. So, you joy the feeling of being a 15 years young girl who has a first-time heavy menstrual period. 

Happily after giving birth

But you can save bed heavy leakage and the relieving thing is… as a breastfeeding mother, you’ll skip your period up to 6 -12 months because of the pregnancy hormones. Hats off pregnancy hormones! Isn’t that a kind of pleasure? That all we breastfeeding mothers are free from periods at least for a few months.

2. Your CROTCH will become a mess

Happily after giving birth

If you have given natural birth, your womanhood may be dealing with swollen, stitched up, incredibly messy time. With a giant thunder pad overlapped your vaginal space, that even Stephen King couldn’t dream up to write about this giant thunder pad!

Sometimes I dream of these scary and messy events of the birth process. Thrilling how did I deal with them? But you know the overall motherhood journey is amazing.

After giving birth naturally, there are a variety of elixirs and contraptions which, by the way, are bizarre things like Sitz herbal baths, frozen bags of peas to cool down burning of stitches? The most irritating, “a water bottle to squirt on yourself while you pee. Isn’t that scary? But there are many things to recover from postpartum difficulties.

My experience wasn’t excellent either while squirting. It was the worst thing I thought could happen to me.

Oh, God, I just hope, it may happen never, never again but well it happened in my second delivery. We mothers are great and can deal with all these messy things to get our little monster in our lap.

3. You’re not in shape

Happily after giving birth

After giving birth to a kid, you’ll be needing extra-size clothes because you’ll be sort of second-trimester fat! This is another reason why I hate those damn model asshats. How they are wafer-thin within a few minutes after they’ve given birth to their young ones, It’s fake!

Everything is changed after delivery. You have had your tummy tuck if you have got an elective c section. You’re still peeing out a lot of fluids but don’t get on a scale yet.

Only one thing you can do to get your body in the shape back. Hand over your baby off to a nanny and have a personal trainer up. you’ll have to face him everyday unwillingly for getting your body shape back.

How much struggle! as a lady, we are facing from our adolescent! Even all these weird postpartum outcomes we all mothers are happily ever after giving birth?

Periods, pregnancy, vagina tears, c-section, breastfeeding. Uhh…You’re the great creation of God who can cope with all these fascinating things. Only one secret is there that you have taken birth to give birth. Only because mothers humans will not become extinct as others on the earth.

Oh my god! now you have only pilates and brown rice to eat my ass. These stupid starlets! I love a few of them like only Heidi Klum as she earned her wings.

Don’t worry you must win this fatty matter battle with the help of your regular pilates and of course with these brown healthy rice he hehe…

4. Big Boobs make you CRY weird postpartum outcomes

body after birth

Some courageous women get off comfortable with this one problem and don’t ride the hormonal roller coaster after having the baby first time and I say “lucy” to these women. These women feel happily ever after giving birth and postpartum outcomes don’t matter for them.

No, it doesn’t help at all that it can run the gamut from absolutely nothing to full-blown postpartum outcomes. So, for all these are common and no one is sympathetic if you have like the Niagara falls blown scary big boos. If they! didn’t!

I expected to watch my stomach expand and contract through both pregnancies. But no one told me I’d end up with a drawer filled with different sizes of bras! All mothers had their own stories of breasts changing.

My experience with these boobs is leaking all the time even after feeding my newborn. This caused my breasts to swell. Sometimes milk ducts become clogged and causing a lot of pain known as mastitis. aren’t weird postpartum outcomes.

I became a dairy cow at that time. My friends had always enjoyed my leaking boobs condition and it was kind of a joke for them.

5. A lot of hair fall 

Happily after giving birth
Slowly I’m becoming bald

All say it’s normal. But falling hair in clumps! My God! how was I feeling? I was panic! slowly I was going bald. I was not pretty now? It is all about postpartum outcomes. And adds insult that I started to lose my hair.

I know it was part of my postpartum process but I disliked the bald spots around my hairline. It was the worst thing which I was experienced during my first delivery.

Here all you were super excited for your luscious lock while you were pregnant. But sorry Rapunzel the story is over and the fairy, with not long hair, wants her castle again, to hide there with her bald scalp.

6. Reasons to hate your husband

Happily after giving birth

I’m always admiring on nature’s theory. Why my one of the baby looks like his fathers when they are born. As always fathers reassure that baby is only his. A lot of efforts made by me and baby is alike he. Wow! How is nature surprised me?

Second, it is conceiving that nature takes care of you, after the difficult task of giving birth. I always wanted to punch my husband’s face when I saw him. It’s! again blame to hormones!

It’s not always happened but I just warned you that you might stare at him at midnight. Because he is taking a sound sleep with hazards of snoring voice. And you’re wondering here and there to make newborn sleep, many times.

Reason to Hate Husband

postpartum outcomes

How the son of the bitch just lay peacefully and you’re satisfying your hungry son by offering your boobs and having no sleep even a nap itself.

But darling, you’re not alone here is a pack of mammals with their newborns who’re suffering from sleep deprivation. And better half, my foo!t have no mercy of their wives how they’re dealing with these weird conditions? This is the reason I’m not happily ever after giving birth and postpartum outcomes.

7. Hard big balloon type BOOBS

body after birth

Not big sexy like boobs but gigantic and porn boobs. No size of bras invented for these boobs. They are crazy porn type boobs that even don’t move eventually you can see on some woman.

I also know a woman she has big leaning doughy boobs even without giving any birth. What will happen to her boobs after giving birth? Oh My God! just imagine!

This boob job is very crazy. I think boobs in shape can attract any smart guy but alas! no one now attracts at me. But it’s ok, my son was there who always sticks with these boobs. I had no other choice only my baby boy is there for me.

8. Still, I’m Hot!

postpartum outcomes

No, no, no, not hot at all. Now I was sweaty, fatty, mess mom. Blame for pregnancy hormones again for my hot flashes. This is making me feel like a high-noon whore.

No one says a woman sexy with massive boobs, extra baby weight, leaning belly, with losing hair. How I describe myself I was just looking terrible, unfresh, and tired all the time who always tried to take a nap.

Before pregnancy, I was a gorgeous looking lady but after giving birth I changed into Princess Fiona the lady of Shrek. I Hope, you have watched that movie. But I had my precious gift of a baby in my lap so, I’m happy even with these postpartum outcomes.

9. Stretch marks

body after birth

The most dangerous cause of giving birth are waves like stretch marks. So, funny! how do they look like? uh. what I say about one o the weird outcomes, I couldn’t explain. Just I scratched my head and thought what happened with my body after birth process? again blame on hormones!

No, this time does not blame innocent hormones, it was only my mistake! How? When my body was grown and expanded with my baby’s growth-mistaken I just scratched my tummy because expanded skin made me feel itchy.

What one can do if he feels the itch on any part of the body? Simply, he tries to scratch there. But we mothers during pregnancy can’t even scratch our own body. If you scratch then the result is ugly scratch marks on your beauty! Is that horrible!

10. Take Care of body after birth process

Happily after giving birth

So, all gorgeous ladies take care of the pregnancy if you want to save your beauty, run to your doctor to keep you informed of postpartum outcomes.

But there is another way also. After pregnancy when your chick grows, hire a trainer, sweat, and toil, with control on your carving. you can regain your beauty again.

End Point

As it takes longer and of course a lot of money. So, just follow your doctor’s advice and try to keep yourself fit during pregnancy and after giving birth. Stay healthy and well before birth.  Well said a cure is better then preventions.

Hope you learn some crucial points with my birth experience. I tried to write this post in a funny way. I don’t want a soon-be-mom to become scary to know results after giving birth. Comment if you like this post. You also share your pregnancy journey with me in the comment box. I hope your valuable comment will help someone in pregnancy. Till then

Take Care


Happily ever after giving birth
Happily ever after giving birth
Happily ever after giving birth
Happily ever after giving birth
Happily ever after giving birth
Happily ever after giving birth
Happily ever after giving birth
Happily ever after giving birth
Happily ever after giving birth

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